Social Smarts and Science Smarts

We all have many different types of intelligence or "smarts" in our brains.  At school and home we have spent a lot of time building up our science smarts - which is a good thing.  But did you know that there are other smarts that are just as important? Social smarts are something we've all got to work on building, but sometimes we don't pay enough attention to how we can learn them. 

It feels good to all of just to know information about the world (science smarts), but figuring out how to share that information with other people involves our social smarts!



Science Smarts vs. Social Smarts
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Here are a few examples of the difference between the two types of smarts.  We've started the list but there are so many more.  What other things can you think of that involve your science smarts or your social smarts?


For Discussion: How could you use social smarts in the following places?


  1. At dinner with your family.
  2. In the car driving with your family or others.
  3. Sitting in a classroom at school.
  4. Walking in the halls.
  5. Playing or hanging out with someone during recess or lunch?


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