Demystifying Executive Functions

What They Are and How to Teach Them

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  • Insight on how to break down executive functions
  • Two strategies to help students improve their executive functioning
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Executive Functions

If a kid is “smart” or “good at math” it doesn’t mean he or she can figure out how to get ready to go to school on time, work with a group of peers, keep a friend, do homework independently, or self-regulate throughout the day. Executive functions are an essential skillset that is completely separate from book smarts, even though it has a huge impact on a student’s performance in school and their career readiness. Executive functioning is at the heart of our daily functioning across all places in which we learn, play, and work. It affects almost everything we do!

Learn from our founder and CEO, Michelle Garcia Winner, as she breaks down this complex topic and discover what executive functions are and are not. Learn how to help students improve their executive functioning, which begins by avoiding assumptions about their functioning as you teach them.

During this webinar, discover:

  • Why it’s so important to avoid assumptions about your students’ functioning levels.
  • How executive functions are critical for success in the social, academic, and job worlds (even though this skillset isn’t measured through IQ and academic tests!).
  • Two strategies to help students understand and improve targeted executive functions that impact their broader lives.
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