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Our products provide practical frameworks, strategies, activities, and vocabulary to help people ages 4 years through adulthood improve their social thinking and related social skills - and in time - build stronger relationships.

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At our conferences we share our latest frameworks, lessons, and strategies for teaching social thinking and related social skills to people ages 4 years old through adulthood. We offer 15+ full-day courses, each offering unique concepts and strategies regarding a particular theme or age group. All information presented can be used immediately in the classroom, home, community, and workplace!

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Conferences sponsored by Social Thinking (i.e. those you can register for on our website) offer continuing education, complimentary lunch and dessert, and our products available for purchase. The aforementioned cannot be guaranteed at conferences sponsored by other organizations.

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Welcome to our powerful lineup of self-paced online modules, where experts share the latest strategies, tools, and frameworks from the Social Thinking Methodology. Informed by the latest research and 20+ years of clinical work, and honed through hundreds of worldwide presentations, these one-of-a-kind video courses explore all aspects of developing social competencies including building self-regulation, executive functioning, social problem solving abilities, and much more. All modules offer a personalized Certificate of Completion and most offer access to continuing education credit for select professions in the U.S. and Canada!


To get started, choose a category below that interests you and explore the modules within. Some modules were filmed together to teach about a larger topic; those have been grouped into series to help you learn the information sequentially. If many modules catch your eye-not to worry. We offer a variety of discounts for modules purchased at the Individual rate, such as 50% off your first module and 15% off when you buy four or more modules together! Plus, a special offer for family members, caregivers, and college and university students (see * below).


When you purchase an eLearning module you gain full access to it for six months. That means you can watch it as many times as you like, rewind to focus on an important section, and take your time absorbing the material at a pace that seems most suited to your learning style.


So come grow with us-we'll be adding new modules to our library regularly to help you help others!


*Just for family members of individuals with social learning challenges-along with caregivers and college and university students: To help you access the information that matters most, enjoy an additional $15 off every module purchased at the Individual rate, just use the discount code socialheart.

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New & Noteworthy Research

Social Thinking was originally developed as an intervention and assessment framework dedicated to tackling the complex social emotional learning needs of individuals with social learning challenges. At its inception 20 years ago, there were relatively few treatment-based research studies available to guide interventionists in how to teach individuals about their own social learning process. This relative lack of treatment research, while not as bleak today, continues to be limited. The underlying motivation for the creation of the Social Thinking methodology was, and is, that individuals with social learning issues should have access to interventions and strategies based on both individual learning abilities and the demands of the community within which they participate.

Development of the Supported Employment, Comprehensive Cognitive Enhancement and Social Skills (SUCCESS) program for adults on the autism spectrum: results of initial study.

Baker-Ericzén, M.J., Fitch, M., Kinnear, M., Jenkins, M. M., Smith, L., Montano, G., Twamley, E., Crooke, P, Garcia Winner, M., Feder, J., & Leon, J.

The population of adults on the autism spectrum continues to increase, and vocational outcomes are particularly poor. This initial pilot study investigated the newly developed Supported Employment, Comprehensive Cognitive Enhancement, and Social Skills intervention. The study found the intervention can be easily embedded into exiting supported employment vocational training programs to improve cognitive, social, and vocational outcomes.

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