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In this short video clip from the 13th Annual Global Social Thinking Providers' Conference, Dr. Damon Korb—a developmental and behavioral pediatrician and author of Raising an Organized Child—uses a baseball analogy to help parents understand how their role is constantly shifting, allowing their child to take on more of their own executive functions as their children progress through their teenage years.


Dr. Korb's full 60-minute keynote is back by popular demand for you to watch.

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Best-Selling On Demand Course with Dr. Damon Korb & Michelle Garcia Winner

Executive Functioning

Raising an Organized Child: Strategies to Promote Executive Functions

In two keynotes, Dr. Damon Korb, MD FAAP and developmental behavioral pediatrician, and Michelle Garcia Winner, MA, CCC-SLP and founder of the Social Thinking® Methodology, will connect the dots between executive functions—including self-regulation and perspective taking—and creative, practical strategies to foster organized thinking. Damon’s keynote will explain five important steps professionals can learn to guide parents in how to raise an organized child. He will also present strategies and lessons he has learned during his 20 years as a developmental and behavioral pediatrician to help foster children’s active engagement of organized thinking, the kind of learning and functions they’ll use throughout their lives. Michelle’s keynote will focus on how to help students/clients develop friendships. How do people make friends? How do we keep them? What creative strategies can we teach to help tweens and teens learn to invest in these important but complicated relationships?
Replay access through November 30, 2023
3 hours toward CE credit, if applicable
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