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You have to reach kids before you can teach them—You Are a Social Detective! and Superflex are wonderful allies in reaching kids with a cast of colorful characters who engage kids in learning to self-regulate.


For virtual tools to help you reach kids when you can't meet in person, check out the free downloadable resources below. Please do NOT repost or sell them on sharing or educational platforms. If you have questions, refer to our IP guidelines for more information about copyright and trademark restrictions.

You Are a Social Detective & Superflex Series (Ages 8-10)

Boost Social Awareness & Self-Regulation

Use You are a Social Detective! and Superflex…A Superhero Social Thinking Curriculum to boost social awareness and self-regulation. Everyone of us is a Social Detective. We are good Social Detectives when we use our eyes, ears, and brains to figure out what others are doing, planning to do next, and what they mean by their words and actions.


This new expanded edition of You Are a Social Detective! is Book 1 in our Superflex series where kids learn how to develop their own social detective skills as they enjoy new colorful illustrations and are entertained by a diverse cast of characters.



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You are a Social Detective: Free Downloadable Thinksheets

Social Detective FLEX Camp Mini Curriculum

This is a very mini curriculum and is meant to help guide you in developing motivational tools to teach strategies (based on conceptual and strategy- based frameworks grounded in research based concepts).
Download Thinksheet
About You Are a Social Detective!

Social Smarts & Science Smarts Thinksheet

Social Smars and Science Smarts
Download Thinksheet

What I Like to Think About Thinksheet

What I Like to Think About
Download Thinksheet

Making a Smart Guess at Home Thinksheet

Making a Smart Guess at Home
Download Thinksheet

Superflex Curriculum: Free Downloadable Thinksheets

The 5's Strategy to Knock Down Worry Wall Thinksheet

Thinksheet - 5s strategy to knock down worry wall
Download Thinksheet

Unthinkable Record Thinksheet

Thinksheet - Unthinkable Record
Download Thinksheet

Superflex Record Lyric Thinksheet

Thinksheet - Superflex Record Lyrics
Download Thinksheet

Emoji Support Visual Thinksheet

Thinksheet - Emoji support visual
Download Thinksheet

Emoji Unthinkable Thinksheet

Thinksheet - Emoji Unthinkable
Download Thinksheet

Introducing the Self Coach at Home Thinksheet

Introducing Self Coach at Home
Download Thinksheet

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