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In this webinar, two powerful innovators in the areas of emotional control, sensory regulation, and executive functioning join forces to discuss the latest thinking around the Zones of Regulation, a framework and related curriculum for building self-regulation skills. Michelle Garcia Winner, founder of the Social Thinking Methodology, will conduct an in-person interview with Leah Kuypers, author of The Zones of Regulation and founder of the related framework and curriculum. They’ll discuss some of the latest ideas to emerge around the Zones of Regulation, including:
  1. Interoception and helping students manage the zone they’re in
  2. Common mistakes made when teaching the Zones
  3. Introduction of a new teaching tool, Navigating the Zones!
  4. What Zones users around the world have taught Leah

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Continuing Education

After you have watched the webinar, you may download the Certificate of Completion for your records. Unfortunately, our webinars are not pre-approved for continuing education units.

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Continuing Education Credit Not Available for Teams

Currently, Social Thinking is not pre-approved to offer participants of eLearning team training access to continuing education credit. However, the purchaser of the module will receive a personalized Certificate of Completion. For some professionals, this documentation may be all they need to earn continuing education credit through their employer or professional organization.

Certificate of Completion

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Upon successful completion, a personalized Certificate of Completion is provided as proof of participation. For some professionals, this documentation may meet the criteria necessary to earn continuing education credit through an employer or professional organization!

Certificate of Completion

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All webinar participants are provided with a Certificate of Completion for their records. Our webinars provide exclusive, insider tips for using Social Thinking materials to teach individuals age 4 through adult, and get the latest information and strategies from the Social Thinking Methodology. At the end of each webinar, questions from the audience are answered.

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