Building Blocks
Free Building Blocks Handout Note: the graphic on this handout was previously available as a large poster, but the poster has since been discontinued. Click here to download your free Building Blocks handout.

Free Handout: Building Blocks of Social Development for Young Children

Parents, teachers, clinicians, and many others have requested this handout to better understand the development of young children with social learning challenges compared to their neurotypical peers. We encourage its use in IEP meetings, treatment planning, and staff discussions to guide a deeper understanding of the social learning process and pinpoint treatment focus areas.

The handout attractively displays 15 foundational social learning concepts incorporated into the We Thinkers! early learner series, an extensive product collection for helping children engage in social emotional learning and improve their social competencies. The Building Blocks of Social Development interrelate to reinforce improved social learning. Each level leads to the next, and as a young learner progresses along the social learning building blocks, the social competencies they gain support reading comprehension, written language, working in a group, listening, and speaking—each of which are tied to greater academic and career success.

Download the free Building Blocks Handout for your classroom, clinic, or home!


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