Social Detective Apps

Beginner and Intermediate Apps

Help kids become social detectives! The Social Detective Beginner and Intermediate apps were created by Social Skill Builder in collaboration with Pamela Crooke and Michelle Garcia Winner, authors of You Are a Social Detective!. The interactive apps use real-life video scenarios to teach children how to use their eyes, ears, and brain to make smart social guesses. In short, these apps help children connect the dots to understand how each person’s behavior affects others’ emotions and responses. 

Children watch videos of people interacting and react to prompts in order to earn “gear” to become a Social Detective (such as the iconic social detective hat, trench coat, magnifying glass, notebook, and flashlight.) Kids feel a sense of accomplishment when a new item is earned and they feel themselves becoming stronger Social Detectives!

The Apps Help Children:

  • Understand others’ Expected and Unexpected behaviors
  • Understand others’ Comfortable and Uncomfortable thoughts
  • Learn to use their Social Tool Box items (eyes, ears and brain)
  • Learn how to make Smart Guesses with your social tool box items

The apps are a wonderful tool for teachers, therapists and parents to teach social skills to children with Autism, Asperger’s and other special needs. They use real life video prompts to break down social situations into functional terms and include a pause and rewind button to stop the action during teachable moments. Also, progress can be tracked and shared by emailing performance metrics after playing.

Social Detective Beginner app for ages 7-12

Children learn to use their Social Tool Box items (eyes, ears and brain) to decode Expected and Unexpected behaviors and sense when others are having Comfortable versus Uncomfortable thoughts




Gear Earned in Social Detective Beginner App:

Trench Coat: Students practice being a social investigator by identifying behavior as Expected or Unexpected given the social situation.

Social Detective Hat: Students practice being a social investigator by identifying how behaviors cause others in the group to have Comfortable or Uncomfortable thoughts and how those thoughts are expressed.

Magnifying Glass: Students practice being a social predictor by using their Social Toolbox items (eyes, ears, and brain) to make decisions about behavior and then predict what will happen next.

Social Detective Intermediate app for ages 7+


Picking up where the Beginner app leaves off, students decode the thoughts and emotions of others and make smart guesses to predict what people might do or say next.




Gear Earned in Social Detective Intermediate App:

Notebook: Students practice being a social decoder by making a Smart Guess about the thoughts and emotions the characters in the videos are experiencing.

Flashlight: Students practice being a Social Detective by identifying what a character sees or hears that help them make a smart guess, figure out what others are thinking, and predict what others will do next.


Social Detective Beginner App

The You are Are a Social Detective App has been a wonderful addition to our toolbox for children working on pragmatic language and social skills. The video prompts are fantastic! The data tracking is wonderful and a great motivator for our children! This is a wonderful compliment to the book, it gives children an opportunity to practice their skills. - Employee, Progressive Speech Therapy, LLC

The app is a terrific tool because it is grounded in the context of the popular (among educators and kids) You Are A Social Detective: Explaining Social Thinking to Kids comic book, and the always-useful Social Thinking vocabulary is woven through the app. The app also has great features allowing you to save student or group progress so that you can pick up where you left off. - Sean Sweeney, MS, MEd, CC-SLP, MindWing Concepts

Social Detective Intermediate App 

Social Detective Intermediate is a fantastic way to show natural social situations and how people's behavior can influence the way others think, feel and respond to us. Love the real life video examples! - Speech Groupie

I am thrilled with this app! It allows my students with ASD and other social challenges examine other people's perspectives to better understand social behavior and expectations! With the real videos - I haven't found anything as comprehensive for the price! It really works! - Therapy SLP

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