Primary School Ages 5-11

Adopted across thousands of mainstream classrooms worldwide—teaching students how to organize their feelings using metacognitive strategies.

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Award-Winning Tools & Resources for Primary School Ages 5-11

Find out first-hand why this best-selling social emotional learning curriculum has been adopted across thousands of mainstream classrooms worldwide. Students learn how to learn how to organize their feelings into four different Zones and use metacognitive strategies to regulate within specific Zones to meet their personal, organizational, and social goals. We offer award-winning storybooks, poster, and strategy card deck to target the developmental learning needs of children ages 5-11 when using the easy-to-teach The Zones of Regulation curriculum. When all these resources are used together, along with additional posters, they provide important, practical social emotional learning tools to practice regulation of one’s feelings within four specific Zones across situations at home, school, and in the community.

The Zones of Regulation Elementary School

It All Begins with The Zones of Regulation Curriculum

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Cost-saving & convenient bundles for primary school-age children ages 5-11

Help primary school-age children learn and develop regulation skills, especially as they work together in groups. In these bundles, you’ll find a rich variety of ways to encourage children to use regulation strategies in school, at home, and in the community.

Games make learning fun—and these games help children learn to apply their learning about the feelings within the four Zones within specific situations, choose tools for regulation, and practice supporting each other as they play.

The Zones of Regulation Bundles

The Zones of Regulation Posters Sold Separately

For use in your classroom, clinic, or home

Use these colorful visual supports for in-the-moment social learning and review of specific aspects taught within The Zones of Regulation curriculum lessons at home, school, and in therapeutic settings.

Digital Products for The Zones of Regulation

Gain Screen Access to Our Award-Winning Zones of Regulation storybooks and card deck

Our Zones of Regulation digital products make it easy to explore, learn, and practice regulation and emotional control strategies. Use these digital resources to help your students, children, and clients develop metacognitive regulation strategies to meet their personal, organizational, and social goals.

2-Storybook Set: Understanding Feelings and Emotions & Exploring Tools to Help Manage Them | The Zones of Regulation Series

The Road to Regulation & Regulation Station Storybooks

Two sequential storybooks engage children ages 5-11 in learning The Zones of Regulation framework and curriculum. The first, The Road to Regulation, describes and explains four different emotional zones and how we feel in each of them. Through an imaginary adventure to “The Regulation Station,” the second introduces the use of “tools” (strategies) to help students identify ways they can manage their different feelings at school and home.

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Also includes audio files

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The Zones of Regulation Tools to Try Cards for Kids

Tools to Try for Kids: Regulation Strategies to Focus, Calm, Think, Move, Breathe, and Connect

A choice rich, portable strategy card deck to help kids ages 5-10 metacognitively explore and practice over 50 self-regulation tools at home, in school, or in therapeutic and community settings. The 4" x 6" two-sided strategy cards are divided into 5 categories that describe strategies to focus, calm, think, move, breathe, and connect developed from lessons in the popular The Zones of Regulation book.

Available on Apple Books and Google Play

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The Zones of Regulation & Exploring Emotion Apps

Developed by author Leah Kuypers and software company Selosoft, Inc., these apps supplement the lessons in the curriculum book with interactive games filled with adventure and rewards. Students build their own strategy toolbox, identify triggers, and can even graph the Zones they experience across the day, providing data collection on self-regulation. Apps available on Mac App Store, the Apple App Store, and Amazon.

An Award-Winner

Mom’s Choice Awards named The Zones of Regulation App among the best in Family-Friendly Products. An interactive tool to provide a fun and engaging experience while learning and gaining valuable knowledge to assist in developing real-life self-regulation skills. Students will be taken on an adventure through a town filled with exciting learning opportunities around Zones concepts, rewards, and mini games.


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The Zones of Regulation: Exploring Emotions Application

Learn About Emotions

The Zones of Regulation: Exploring Emotions is an application designed to foster self-regulation skills in fun and exciting ways while simulating everyday situations to which students can relate. The app helps students gain skills in consciously regulating their behaviors to the social and environmental demands.


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A Popular Social Emotional Curriculum to Foster Regulation Across Ages 4-18+


The Zones of Regulation

The Zones of Regulation is a framework and easy-to-use curriculum for teaching regulation strategies for managing feelings and sensory needs to children, students, and clients ages 4+. Rooted in cognitive behavioral therapy, the framework uses four colors to help individuals identify how they are feeling in the moment given their energy, feelings, and level of alertness. By understanding how to read their bodies, detect triggers, think about the social context, and consider their reactions, individuals learn a system for how to increase their ability to regulate their feelings, manage their sensory needs, and become more self-aware and skillful problem solvers.
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