Visual & multisensory supports to teach The Zones of Regulation

Award-winning strategy cards & posters

Engage children in learning about their feelings & emotions

Whether you’re new to The Zones of Regulation or a seasoned practitioner—you know how important it is to engage children in learning about their feelings and emotions across situations at home, school, and in the community.

Our award-winning visual and multisensory Zones supports are user-friendly and empower children to understand their feelings and make choices to figure out what works best for them.

For best teaching practice, our visual and multisensory products should be used in tandem with The Zones of Regulation curriculum.

The Zones of Regulation Visual Supports

Visual supports for use in your classroom, clinic, or home

Use these colorful visual & multisensory supports for in-the-moment social learning and review of specific aspects taught within The Zones of Regulation curriculum lessons at home, school, and in therapeutic settings.

A Popular Social Emotional Curriculum to Foster Regulation Across Ages 4-18+


The Zones of Regulation

The Zones of Regulation is a framework and easy-to-use curriculum for teaching regulation strategies for managing feelings and sensory needs to children, students, and clients ages 4+. Rooted in cognitive behavioral therapy, the framework uses four colors to help individuals identify how they are feeling in the moment given their energy, feelings, and level of alertness. By understanding how to read their bodies, detect triggers, think about the social context, and consider their reactions, individuals learn a system for how to increase their ability to regulate their feelings, manage their sensory needs, and become more self-aware and skillful problem solvers.
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