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Team Training: $399.99 per Module (Continuing Education Credit Not Available)

Team Training

Team Training ($399.99 per module) enables your staff, students, etc. to be trained by the experts at a fraction of the cost of hiring a speaker. Purchasing a module at the Team Training rate gives you, unlimited six-month access to the module and its resources for in-person training with a group of eight or more people. If they choose to, training participants can receive an email from Social Thinking with resources related to the module. We are not pre-approved to offer continuing education credit for Team Training. However, the purchaser will receive a personalized Certificate of Completion.


The alternatives to Team Training pricing ($399.99) are; Professional pricing ($49.99), which gives access to the module for one person only and offers continuing education credit for select professionals; and Non-Professional & Family Pricing (30% off the Professional Professional rate). Continuing education credit not offered.


Click any of the module titles below to view the Team purchase option
Category: Assessing Social Competencies Requires More Than Standardized Tests

2 Module Series: Assessing Social Competencies with Specific Tasks

Category: Defining Social Thinking: Evidence-Based Practice, Social Competencies, Goals & Measurement

Stand-Alone Module

Category: Executive Functioning

4 Module Series: Strategies for Executive Functioning: Teaching Organizational Concepts & Skills

Category: Implementing the Social Thinking Methodology with Fidelity

4 Module Series: Superflex & Social Detective-A Mighty Duo! Best Teaching Practices

Category: Managing Social Anxiety & Regulating Emotions

Stand-Alone Module

Category: The Social-Academic Connection

4 Module Series: The ILAUGH Model: Exploring Social Thinking & the Social-Academic Connection

Category: Teaching Our Vocabulary, Frameworks & Motivational Strategies

2 Module Series: An Introduction to Social Thinking Vocabulary & Treatment Frameworks

Stand-Alone Modules

Category: Teens, Transition to Adulthood & Living as an Adult

6 Module Series: To Infinity & Beyond: Preparing Adolescents to Launch into the Real World

2 Module Series: Flirting, Dating & Sustaining Relationships: How Do You Teach This?

Stand-Alone Module

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