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Research Networks

We know that many in our community have taken the initiative to put together their own mini-projects, research studies, or social thinking programs. Please let us know if you've collected data or published any of your work related to social thinking.
TEACHING Exceptional Children, 42(1), 6-1. 2009.
The ASD nest program: A model for inclusive public education for students with autism spectrum disorders.
Who and Where is our Community?

The following is a list of professionals (teachers, SLPs, psychologists, social workers, etc.) who are using Social Thinking frameworks, strategies and tools in their settings AND are open to connecting with others. Some are implementing strategies with individuals or in groups while others are using parts of the Social Thinking methodology at the classroom level, school-wide level and district wide level. This group of individuals will be our first level of contact when announcing a call for participants to help with research projects, develop communities of practice, or participate in classroom, school-wide or district-wide implementation.

If your name or group is not listed below and you would like to join our practice based community, please send your name, email, affiliation, and how you are using social thinking frameworks and strategies to

If your name is listed below and you no longer wish to be included in our community of practice, please send an email to with the word "remove" in the subject line.

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