Using Social Thinking in the Mainstream Classroom | A Way for ALL Kids to Learn Social Concepts Together

Autism Advocate Parenting Magazine

October 2023



Michelle Garcia Winner, MA, CCC-SLP & Dr. Pamela Crooke, CCC-SLP are Featured in Autism Advocate Parenting Magazine


Using Social Thinking in the Classroom

The Social Thinking Methodology originated in schools over 25 years ago in response to a lack of practical ways to explain different aspects of the social-emotional world to both neurotypical and neurodivergent students. Michelle Garcia winner, the founder of the Social Thinking Methodology, continues to update core strategies and tools in response to ongoing and valuable input from individuals with a range of social-emotional learning differences, disabilities and/or difficulties, as well as form mainstream teachers and learning specialists. Dr. Pamela Crooke joined forces with Michelle almost 17 years ago to further evolve components of the methodology. Tools from the Social Thinking Methodology have found their way into inclusion-based or mainstream classrooms since ALL students can benefit from a common vocabulary and understanding of the social and emotional world together.


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Resources to Teach Social Thinking Vocabulary Examples Shared in Autism Advocate

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For Students to Watch

Social Situation Shorts

5 Key Social Thinking Vocabulary Concepts in Action

Get ready to engage social learning with Social Situation Shorts, a set of five video vignettes, featuring real kids in real-world social situations using their social thinking and social skills. These brand new videos are perfect for fostering discussions and engaging young students or clients with relatable social situations. Each video comes with 2 lesson plans to extend the learning, and some shorts feature a visit from Science Guy Brad for a little extra fun. Have fun exploring social concepts and skills for kids between the ages of 5-9+.


Note: This video is not eligible for continuing education credit.

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What is Social Thinking?


Strategies to Build Social Competencies

The Social Thinking Methodology provides evidence-based strategies to help people ages four through adult develop their social competencies, flexible thinking & social problem solving to meet their own social goals and improve:

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