Using Our Intellectual Property (IP)

Social Thinking® is a broad-based, flexible, systems-based methodology created to help individuals with social emotional learning challenges improve their social competencies called the Social Thinking Methodology. We created it and continue to evolve it in response to you and your clients/students/individuals’ needs. Help us protect the fidelity of this body of work and be informed about how you can/can’t use our materials considering our copyrights and trademarks.

Important Intellectual Property Information

Intellectual Property Decision-Tree Guidelines

Cover of IP Decision Tree Guidelines

Here’s a handy Decision-Tree formatted document that helps you find answers to most of our IP questions. It covers basics on using the Social Thinking name, products and materials in your classroom or clinic, giving presentations, or doing training on any part of the Social Thinking Methodology, posting Social Thinking materials and so much more! Please use it in conjunction with the Terms of Use document.

Last Updated: June 2020

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Terms of Use, Definitions, Examples, & FAQ

Social Thinking Terms of Use

Find detailed IP information in this document including expanded discussions and lots of examples on using our name and materials, modifying our materials for your use, creating new works based on Social Thinking, posting online (YouTube, TeachersPayTeachers, etc.), giving presentations or trainings, providing attribution, and more! Please use it in conjunction with the Decision-Tree document.

Updated: February 2024

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Translation Policy for Social Thinking Materials

Intellectual Property Translation

Here you will be able to access our updated Translation Policy. Find the answers to many of your questions related to translation of large portions of our books, publishing in other countries or languages, translating our free articles, as well as translating materials used directly with students. In addition, we offer suggestions on how you can assist!

Last Updated: April 2019
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Guidance for Public on Digitally Based Learning

We have had many questions related to using Social Thinking materials in sessions online due to the current pandemic and resulting school closures. Find guidance for the public on what is allowable and not allowable with digital use of Social Thinking materials.

Updated: February 2024

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Equity in Social Emotional Learning

Think Social Publishing, Inc. acknowledges the longstanding presence of systemic racism, implicit biases, and "otherism" in our education system and society at large. While our frameworks and concepts are often considered universal, educators should honor student identities and life experiences by using culturally responsive strategies and practices when using our products and methodology. The following strategies are not an exhaustive list but offer guidance in striving toward a more equitable learning experience for ALL children and young adults in our places of learning.
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