Strategies to build social competencies

Whether you’re working with typically developing students or individuals with social learning challenges (autism spectrum levels 1 and 2, ADHD, twice exceptional, social communication disorder, etc.)—if they're age 4 through adult with solid to strong language and learning abilities, we can help. When you attend a Social Thinking conference you will learn strategies for teaching social competencies, including:

  • Self-regulation
  • Executive functioning
  • Social skills
  • Perspective taking
  • Social emotional learning
  • Social problem solving...and much more!

Conferences Sponsored by Social Thinking

At Social Thinking, we help people with social emotional learning challenges improve how they interpret and respond to the social world to better connect with others. At our conferences, we teach professionals and parents strategies to improve social competencies in those they support. Our practical strategies can be used immediately in the classroom, clinic, home and community, and help improve performance on educational standards (including the Common Core Standards), as well as reinforce programs such as PBIS, RTI, SEL, and others. Our work goes deep - we're always thrilled when we hear from people around the world that the Social Thinking Methodology is changing lives.

In our 20+ years of public speaking, Social Thinking has amassed a rich collection of full-day courses (6 hours of instruction apiece). Each conference we host is assembled from this collection, tailored to our guests at that location. In addition to continually updating our course material, we're careful to distribute courses and topic areas so each conference-even if it's in the same city-provides an opportunity to learn something new.

Social Thinking

Winter & Spring 2020

98% of Conference Attendees Would Join Again!

Get to Know Our Expert Speakers

The Social Thinking Training and Speakers' Collaborative (STTSC) consists of 13 clinicians, including Michelle Garcia Winner and Dr. Pamela Crooke, who train around the world on the Social Thinking Methodology in addition to working closely with schools, clients, and families. All of our speakers have an active caseload and provide training to help schools embed Social Thinking’s teachings across all aspects of the educational day in public and private schools. We also work with universities as well as businesses to help adults continue to develop stronger social communication skills. Please note that the members of our STTSC are the only people licensed and approved to give training on the Social Thinking Methodology.
Social Thinking
Michelle Garcia
Michelle Garcia Winner Founder & CEO Social Thinking • M.A., CCC-SLP
Pamela Crooke PhD, CCC-SLP • Chief Strategy Officer
Kari Zweber Palmer MA, CCC-SLP
Ryan Hendrix MS, CCC-SLP
Nancy Clements MA, CCC-SLP
Nancy Tarshis MA, MS, CCC-SLP
Renee Attaway MS, CCC-SLP
Debbie Meringolo MA, MS, Educator
Beckham Linton MA, CCC-SLP
Ariela Jokel PhD, CCC-SLP
Chithra Kathiresan B. App. Sc., SLP

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Our speakers collectively teach over 15 courses offering practical concepts and strategies that can be used across settings, such as in the classroom, on the playground, at home, at work, and in the community to improve social competencies. Each course covers a specific topic, from working with early learners, to the transition to adulthood; to helping mature adults improve executive functioning skills. Each speaker has unique specialties that align with the courses they instruct.

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