Tools to Try Card Decks Across the Ages | The Zones of Regulation Series

Leah Kuypers Elizabeth Sautter

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  • Ages: 5-18
  • Format: Cards 4x6
  • ISBN: 7007
  • Published: 2021


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Digital version of this bundle must be purchased separatelyonly available as individual strategic card decks on our Digital Products page.

Whether you’ve been teaching The Zones of Regulation curriculum for years or just hearing about it for the first time, these regulation strategy card decks for two different developmental age groups—children ages 5-10 and tweens and teens ages 11-18—are a powerful addition to your social emotional learning and teaching toolkit. These decks are meant to be used in tandem with The Zones curriculum and pair well with other Zones products, such as the new children’s storybook set about The Zones of Regulation®, and the collaborative game, Navigating The Zones.

Once social learners and interventionists are familiar with The Zones curriculum, these versatile and kid-friendly oversize card decks provide over 75 different multi-sensory strategy options to help kids learn to regulate their feelings and emotions in all the Zones and decide for themselves which tools work best for them.

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Tools to Try Cards for Kids
Learning to regulate our Zones is hard, serious work that takes time and lots of practice. Tools to Try Cards for Kids is an easy, engaging way to introduce over 50 self-regulation strategies to kids ages 5–10 and empower them to make choices toward figuring out what works best for them. Every strategy card portrays a relatable child performing a regulation tool on one side and a how-to-do-it description on the reverse. Each card includes a metacognitive self-reflection where kids consider how they feel after using the tool, how it can be used to help them regulate their Zones, and decide whether it’s the right tool for them. This hands-on, multi-sensory tool supplements The Zones of Regulation curriculum and pairs well with Navigating The Zones cooperative game and The Zones Storybook Set. Buy it at a discount as part of the set, or individually for full price. Digital version of this card deck is sold separately on Apple Books and Google Play.

Tools to Try Cards for Tweens & Teens
Need ideas to help tweens and teens learn to regulate? Discover this strategy card deck in The Zones of Regulation series—specifically for tweens and teens. Tools to Try Cards for Tweens & Teens is a multi-sensory strategy card deck to help explore, choose, and practice 50 regulation tools at home, in school, or in therapeutic and community settings. The 2-sided cards are divided into 5 categories that describe strategies to focus, calm, think, move, breathe, and connect, and pair well with lessons in the popular The Zones of Regulation curriculum book. These visually accessible 4”x6” strategy cards feature a relatable tween-teen character performing a strategy on one side and a how-to-do-it description on the reverse, along with a teen-focused Why to Try? and self-reflection. This set of hands-on metacognitive tools supplements The Zones of Regulation curriculum and pairs well with Navigating The Zones cooperative game and its supplemental Advanced Pack for additional levels of play. Buy it at a discount as part of the set, or individually for full price. Digital version of this card deck is sold separately on Apple Books and Google Play.

An Important Note About the Tools to Try Cards for Tweens & Teens:

We strive to deliver only the highest quality products, both in content and in function. Unfortunately, due to a collation error by our printer, this deck of cards was packaged with 50% of the cards out of order. We are sorry for this error and inconvenience. They are correcting future printings. Luckily, the cards are to be organized by color, please follow these instructions to easily sort your deck:

  1. When you open the box, your top olive-green card will show the Tools to Try “toolbox” with the title of the deck.
  2. Set this aside as the first “Information/Instruction” card.
  3. Find the four other “toolbox” cards, each in a different color.
  4. Then look for the two all-white cards titled, “How to Use the Tools to Try Cards” and “What are The Zones of Regulation.” These 7 cards constitute the “Information/Instruction” cards.
  5. Sort the remaining illustrated tool cards by color.
  6. Begin using your deck!

Explore all the resources dedicated to The Zones of Regulation in one place

Browse our dedicated Zones of Regulation page to find everything you need to help you teach The Zones of Regulation and see why this social emotional learning curriculum has been adopted across thousands of classrooms worldwide.

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