Get Started for Tweens & Teens Bundle | The Zones of Regulation Series

Leah Kuypers Elizabeth Sautter

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  • Ages: 11 - 18
  • Format: Bundle with Games
  • ISBN: 7440
  • Published: 2021


Interested in learning about The Zones of Regulation and working with tweens and teens? Start with this powerhouse bundle and save 10%! It includes best-selling The Zones of Regulation curriculum, the Navigating The Zones board game and its Advanced Pack to extend levels of game play, along with our Tools to Try Cards for Tweens and Teens. The card deck presents a range of self-regulation tools (sensory, action-oriented, cognitive, movement-based and interpersonal/relational activities), specially designed for this developmental age group. The board game and tools deck provide visual supports, as well as supplemental regulation strategies and learning activities, to enrich teaching of the core ideas within the curriculum. As tweens and teens engage with the board game and increasingly complex levels of play, use the Tools to Try card deck to foster their learning and practice of regulation strategies for the social emotional scenarios they encounter within the game and their everyday lives.

The Zones of Regulation: A Curriculum Designed to Foster Self-Regulation and Emotional Control

A popular framework and easy-to-use curriculum for teaching strategies for managing emotions and sensory needs to children, students, and clients ages 4+. Rooted in cognitive behavioral therapy, The Zones of Regulation uses four colors to help individuals identify how they are feeling in the moment given their energy, emotions, and level of alertness, thereby creating a colored system to guide them to metacognitive strategies and tools to support regulation. By understanding how to read their bodies, detect triggers, think about the social context, and consider their reactions, students learn how to increase their ability to regulate their emotions, manage their sensory needs, and become more self-aware and skillful problem solvers. Printable activities and visuals are included on a USB. Buy the book as part of the bundle, or separately at full price.

Note: Posters are not included in this bundle. Sold individually or in a 3-poster bundle.

Zones Across the Ages Tools to Try Card Decks Bundle Peek Inside 4Tools to Try Cards for Tweens & Teens

Need ideas to help tweens and teens learn to manage their emotions and regulate? Discover this strategy card deck in The Zones of Regulation Series—specifically for tweens and teens. Tools to Try Cards for Tweens & Teens is a multi-sensory strategy card deck to help explore, choose, and practice 50 regulation tools at home, in school, or in therapeutic and community settings. The 2-sided cards are divided into 5 categories that describe regulation strategies to focus, calm, think, move, breathe, and connect, and pair well with lessons in the popular The Zones of Regulation curriculum book. These visually accessible, 4”x6” cards feature a relatable tween-teen character performing a strategy on one side and a how-to-do-it description on the reverse, along with a teen-focused Why to Try? and self-reflection. This set of hands-on metacognitive tools supplements The Zones of Regulation curriculum and pairs well with Navigating The Zones cooperative game and its supplemental Advanced Pack for additional levels of play. Buy it at a discount as part of the bundle, or individually for full price. Digital version must be purchased separately—only on Apple Books and Google Play.

Zones of Regulation: Navigating the ZonesNavigating The Zones

This unique and fun cooperative game expands the teachings of The Zones of Regulation curriculum. It introduces the concept of “The Zones Pathway” via a board game that encourages interaction by using a variety of card decks to explore diverse situations, emotions, and related regulation tools. This flexible teaching tool is non-competitive by design. Players collaborate, working together to navigate through different social scenarios and their related feelings while incorporating tools and problem-solving strategies to support regulation. Please note: Interventionists and players must be familiar with The Zones of Regulation concepts and vocabulary. This game is not designed to be a stand-alone social emotional teaching tool. Buy Navigating the Zones as part of the bundle, or separately at full price.

Navigating the Zones Peek InsideAdvanced Pack: Cards to Extend Play with Navigating The Zones

If you’ve been using the game Navigating The Zones, add this companion Advanced Pack to help more mature learners (age 10+) further practice and develop their social emotional problem solving and regulation skills by introducing three additional levels of play, each advancing in complexity. The Advanced Pack provides 400 more complex and nuanced Situation and Feeling Cards to foster imagination, perspective taking, and social problem solving. It introduces game cards, such as Stuck In Your Zone Cards, Wild Cards, and Trade-A-Cards, to encourage more flexible, strategic thinking as players move from cooperative to competitive game play. Buy the Advanced Pack as part of the bundle, or separately at full price. IMPORTANT! This product requires the use of Navigating The Zones, sold separately.

Explore all the resources dedicated to The Zones of Regulation in one place
Browse our dedicated Zones of Regulation page to find everything you need to help you teach The Zones of Regulation and see why this social emotional learning curriculum has been adopted across thousands of classrooms worldwide.

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The Zones of Regulation was created to help individuals manage the feelings they experience by identifying their shifting emotional states as existing in different “Zones”. It is important not to label one Zone as "good" and another "bad", rather that ALL Zones are OK as long as we MANAGE our Zone and express ourselves through behavior that is as adaptive and pro-social as possible given the situation and the student’s self-regulation abilities.

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