Whole Body Listening! (poster)

Elizabeth Sautter Kristen Wilson

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  • Ages: 4-10
  • Format: Poster
  • ISBN: 9781936943432
  • Published: 2011


Download the free Whole Body Listening Larry coloring page to pair with the poster!

Here’s a fun way to the reinforce lessons from the storybooks Whole Body Listening Larry at School! and Whole Body Listening Larry at Home! This poster provides a visual for the concepts of "listening" with your eyes, your brain, your heart, etc. to keep your entire body properly engaged and aware of the people around you. The books, along with the poster, help to teach self-regulation to children who may be a bit wiggly! The Whole Body Listening Larry products are based on the idea of whole body listening created by Susanne Poulette Truesdale (1990).

Dimensions: 18" width x 24" height.

Whole Body Listening: A Tool, Not a Rule

When it comes to listening, many children do not fully understand what is expected of them or may not be able to meet the expected demands. Whole body listening is an approach created to help kids learn how to improve their listening by doing certain expected behaviors. But this is a tool - not a rule. We know parts of this concept will be challenging for some of individuals. We continue to encourage these individuals to learn strategies to help them improve their whole body listening when compared to their own previous behavior. The concept of Whole body listening is based on the idea that we can all listen to what is going on around us in a more meaningful manner.

As with other tools and curricula, the abilities and developmental level of each individual must be considered before implementing whole body listening. Some of the skills used in whole body listening, such as maintaining eye contact, staying still, or remaining quiet are extremely difficult and may cause stress or simply not be possible for certain people. When this is the case, it’s important that adults demonstrate awareness and understanding. Parents, teachers, therapists, and employers should make modifications and help individuals advocate for themselves in a variety of social, educational, and work-related situations. The article "Taking a Deeper Look at Whole Body Listening" (Sautter, 2016) shares more information on how to modify and accommodate for each body part involved and the different challenges our children face.

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