The Incredible 5-Point Scale 2nd Edition – Revised

Kari Dunn Buron Mitzi Curtis

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  • Ages: 7+
  • Pages: 117
  • Format: Paperback
  • ISBN: 9781737671541
  • Published: 2021


The Incredible 5-Point Scale has sold hundreds of thousands of copies worldwide and has been used by educators, psychologists, therapists, and parents to teach the social and emotional concepts needed for successful social interaction and emotional regulation.

This much-awaited, revised edition includes:

  • A new section expanding on the usage of the Anxiety Curve Model
  • Supplemental information for its use with special educational teams
  • Expanded information about diverse student populations
  • Examples of scales are included showing usage with young children and those with limited communication skills
  • Examples illustrate scales used with elementary school age children, adolescents, and young adults
  • Goals and objectives for using the scale in an IEP

A simple yet powerful strategy and visual support for helping social learners understand social interactions and emotions.

This book uses a practical and user-friendly format to assist teachers, therapists, practitioners, and parents in using a simple 5-point scale to break down social and emotional concepts and teach this information in a highly systemized manner. In this 2nd edition, Buron and Curtis include examples of work done using the 5-point scale over the past 10 years. The result includes refinements to the original scales, now considered "classics" in homes and classrooms across the country and abroad, as well as plenty of new scales specifically designed for two groups of individuals: young children and those with more classic presentations of autism, as well as an expanded use of the Anxiety Curve. This edition also includes a list of goals and objectives related to incorporating scales in students' IEPs.

Free downloadable content includes blank scales, small portable scales, and worksheets for easy duplication. As in their other writings, the authors emphasize the importance of self-management and self-regulation, two evidence-based practices.

Michelle Garcia Winner, Founder of Social Thinking, says:

"The 5-point scale dovetails beautifully with many Social Thinking® concepts, such as Social Situation Mapping. This tool is critical for helping students learn to gauge the different levels of their emotional responses. While we can't necessarily control the feelings we have, we can control the “size” of the feeling, how it impacts us, and our related behaviors."

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