The Incredible 5-Point Scale, 2nd Edition

Kari Dunn Buron Mitzi Curtis

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  • Ages: 7+
  • Pages: 97
  • Format: Paperback
  • ISBN: 9781937473075
  • Published: 2012


This much-awaited, second edition of the wildly popular Incredible 5-Point Scale is, as the title suggests, "significantly improved and expanded." Using the same practical and user-friendly format as the first edition, Buron and Curtis let readers benefit from work done with the scales over the past 10 years, to result in refinements to the original scales, now considered "classics" in homes and classrooms across the country and abroad, as well as lots of new scales specifically designed for two groups of individuals: young children and those with more classic presentations of autism, including expanded use of the Anxiety Curve. Another welcome addition is a list of goals and objectives related to incorporating scales in students' IEPs. Also, free downloadable content includes blank scales, small portable scales and worksheets for easy duplication. As in their other writings, the authors emphasize the importance of self-management and self-regulation, two evidence-based practices.

Michelle Garcia Winner, the Founder of Social Thinking, says:

"The 5 point scale dovetails beautifully with many concepts, such as social behavior mapping. This tool is critical for helping students learn to gauge the different levels of their emotional responses. While we can't control necessarily the feelings we have, we can control the `size' of the feeling, how it impacts us and our related behaviors."

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