We Thinkers! Volume 2 Extra Storybook Set

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  • Ages: 4-7
  • Format: Paperback
  • ISBN: 4033
  • Published: 2016


IMPORTANT—Please Note!We Thinkers Volume 2 Storybook Set Component Distinction

This set of storybooks is meant to supplement the We Thinkers! Volume 2 Social Problem Solvers Curriculum Package; these books are NOT intended to be used as stand-alone teaching tools and they do NOT include teaching materials. All teaching materials are presented in the Volume 2 curriculum book.


About the We Thinkers! Volume 2 Extra Storybook Set

This set of five storybooks is included in the We Thinkers! Volume 2 Social Problem Solvers Package, and is sold separately on this page. Remember, the storybooks are not intended to be used as stand-alone teaching tools, but having extra sets of storybooks can be helpful to better engage students if you're teaching the Volume 2 curriculum to a class or therapy group. They're also a great resource for parents of children working on the concepts in school or therapy to continue the learning at home.


We Thinkers! Volume 1 Social Explorers introduced children to four likable characters—Evan, Ellie, Jesse and Molly—and their adventures as they learned about basic Social Thinking Vocabulary concepts related to thoughts and feelings, being part of a group, and noticing and thinking about the people around them.


Volume 2 picks up where Volume 1 left off—the teaching is sequential! Volume 2 delves more deeply into Social Thinking concepts to help children build stronger skills and handle the inevitable problems that occur during interactive play and while working together in groups. The Volume 2 storybooks are loaded with fun adventures and colorful illustrations designed to stimulate children’s curiosity and imagination and engage them in learning these five additional Social Thinking concepts:


  • Hidden Rules and Expected and Unexpected Behaviors (Pirate Adventure)
  • Smart Guess (Mystery Adventure)
  • Flexible and Stuck Thinking (Ice Cream Shop Adventure)
  • Size of the Problem (Dinosaur Birthday Party)
  • Sharing an Imagination (Park Adventure)


Playful Stop and Notice, Stop and Discuss, and Stop and Do icons in the storybooks help the interventionist structure reading/teaching the concepts. (Explanation of the teaching moments and related activities are detailed in the Volume 2 curriculum.)



We Thinkers V2 SB 06 Cover

Unit 6: Hidden Rules and Expected and Unexpected Behaviors (Pirate Adventure)

Every social situation has "hidden rules", social expectations that are generally understood but are not usually stated or explicitly taught. In this story the four characters learn about the rules of a pirate ship, search for buried treasure, and discern expected and unexpected behaviors within different situations during their quest to find buried treasure.


Introduces the concepts of hidden rules and expected/unexpected behaviors and builds on the Volume 1 concepts thinking thoughts and feeling feelings, thinking with your eyes, body in the group, and whole body listening.




We Thinkers V2 SB 07 Cover

Unit 7: Smart Guess (Mystery Adventure)

We make a smart guess when we combine what we observe with what we already know. In this adventure, Evan, Jesse and Molly make wacky and smart guesses about Ellie’s mysterious plan for the group, as well making guesses about activities with their new penguin friends.


Introduces the concept of smart guess and builds on all five concepts in Volume 1 plus hidden rules and expected/unexpected behaviors.




We Thinkers V2 SB 08 Cover

Unit 8:  Flexible and Stuck Thinking (Ice Cream Shop Adventure)

The social world is complex; it shifts and changes constantly. The expectation is that we shift and change with it, and learn how to be flexible. In this adventure, Evan, Ellie, Jesse and Molly are trying to deliver an ice cream cone to Mr. Roadrunner’s home, and encounter flexible and stuck thinking along the way.


Introduces the concept of flexible and stuck thinking, and builds upon concepts thinking thoughts and feeling feelings, group plan, thinking with your eyes, hidden rules and expected/unexpected behaviors, and smart guess.




We Thinkers V2 SB 09 Cover

Unit 9:  Size of the Problem (Dinosaur Birthday Party)

In-the-moment problem solving is a complex process! In this book a problem is defined as something that was not part of the plan AND makes people feel uncomfortable. During a birthday party, our foursome discovers that problems come in different sizes, and people's feelings and emotional reactions to them also come in different sizes. They learn how reactions stem from feelings, and the social benefits of matching the reaction to the size of the problem.


Introduces the concept of size of the problem, and builds on concepts thinking with your eyes, thinking thoughts and feeling feelings, hidden rules and expected/unexpected behaviors, smart guess, and flexible and stuck thinking.




We Thinkers V2 SB 10 Cover

Unit 10:  Sharing an Imagination (Park Adventure)

Shared imagination is the ability to imagine what another is thinking, feeling, and/or pretending. Most young kids develop the ability to imagine or pretend together; it's the means by which they relate to the thoughts, feelings, and actions of others. In this story our foursome plays in the park, pretending to be cowboys, cowgirls, firefighters, and learn that sharing an imagination strengthens their bond even in a pretend world as they problem solve together.


Introduces the concept of sharing an imagination, and builds on all previous nine concepts in the We Thinkers! series.



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