We Thinkers! Volume 1 Social Explorers Package

Authors: Ryan Hendrix , Kari Zweber Palmer , Nancy Tarshis , Michelle Garcia Winner

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  • Age(s): Ages 4-7, Ages 8-10
  • Format: Paperback
  • ISBN: 4001



The Incredible Flexible You Volume 1 has been renamed to We Thinkers! Volume 1 Social Explorers. No content has changed, only the name has changed.


About the We Thinkers! Volume 1 Social Explorers Package

The We Thinkers! series helps children build fundamental social competencies and improve their social and academic performance. Teachers, clinicians, and parents give it rave reviews!

We Thinkers! Volume 1 Social Explorers includes five storybooks, a thorough unit-by-unit curriculum with supporting material included on a USB for easy printing, tote bag, and music CD—all carefully curated to teach children five core Social Thinking concepts that strengthen their perspective taking and social self-awareness regardless of age or ability. Play is the learning environment of young children, and the curriculum uses play to teach social competencies in fun, engaging ways! The evidence-based concepts supported across the components—learning about thoughts and feelings, thinking with your eyes, following the group plan, keeping your body in the group, and whole body listening—establish a common social vocabulary for children and are foundational to all social interactions.

We Thinkers! Volume 2, Social Problem Solvers builds off the concepts taught in Volume 1. Since the teaching and learning is sequential it’s important that adults introduce and teach Volume 1 concepts and curriculum before moving to the more complex social concepts in Volume 2.



Five Colorful Storybooks to Engage Learners


We Thinkers! Volume 1 Social Explorers Deluxe Package

Through the adventures of four likable characters, Evan, Ellie, Jesse, and Molly, children are introduced to a series of increasingly layered social concepts through an easily accessible format and language. Readers journey along with the characters as their adventures unfold and they encounter social situations that mirror young readers’ experiences in settings that inspire imagination: the classroom, a farm, underwater, outer space, and the zoo.

Rooted in play-based learning, this storybook set can be used by parents, clinicians, and educators to help children develop better self-awareness and perspective taking when sharing space or interacting with others. (In a clinic or teaching setting, it is expected that the storybooks be used with the curriculum, and not used as stand-alone teaching tools by themselves.) Colorful illustrations and fun adventures stimulate children’s curiosity and imagination while engaging them in learning these five Social Thinking concepts (and related stories):

  • Thinking Thoughts and Feeling Feelings (Classroom Adventure)
  • The Group Plan (Adventure on the Farm)
  • Thinking with Your Eyes (Adventure in Space)
  • Body in the Group (Ocean Adventure)
  • Whole Body Listening (Zoo Adventure)

Also sold separately.

Fully Developed Curriculum Boosts Social Learning


Social Explorers Curriculum Book

Detailed instructional plans—complete with Teaching Moment specifics, motivating, in-classroom structured activities, educational plan goals, and learn-at-home family letters—give educators and parents the knowledge and tools they need to help young children cultivate social learning and develop social competencies.

The units link to each of the five storybooks to teach Social Thinking concepts and vocabulary. Core teaching materials are included on a convenient USB drive for easy printing, sharing, and teaching. (The USB can be a little hard to open, download our helpful instructions.)

Enhance Learning with Music

 The Incredible Flexible You CD

GRAMMY®-award winning artist Tom Chapin provides tuneful accompaniment to the themes and lessons in the We Thinkers! series with 12 original songs. Known for empowering children through his music, Chapin delivers spirited music and lyrics that make Social Thinking concepts come alive for kids—and offer additional support to learners who struggle with other teaching modes. Get students up and moving, singing along, and actively participating with others as they integrate Social Thinking Vocabulary into everyday life. Also sold separately.



Keep It Organized with Our Tote


WTV1 Tote

Keep all seven components of We Thinkers! Volume 1 at hand from classroom to classroom—or from clinic to home—with this cheerful Social Explorers tote bag. Learning improves when these multimodal tools can be shared across environments by teachers, clinicians, and parents—so pack it all up for easy transit.

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