Twin-Pack Speech Bubbles (dry erase)

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Sorry, this product has been discontinued.

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  • Format: Other
  • ISBN: 743724356885
  • Published: 2015


Speech bubbles are used to help with social problem solving. We use the speech bubbles to encourage students (young and old) to think about what to say in any particular situation. We often pair the speech bubbles with thought bubbles (available in blue and green,) to help students learn that what they are thinking is not the same as what they are to say in a situation. We also explore what one person may say based on what someone said to them. Since we usually are talking to another person and they respond to us, we are selling the speech bubbles in a package of two. (Individual bubbles are not available for purchase.) The dry-erase surface means these can be used again and again. (Use only dry erase markers on this product!)

NOTE: here's a tip from the manufacturer. If anyone inadvertently uses a regular marker on the dry erase surface and it won't come off, try this: go over the writing with a dry erase marker of the same color. Let it sit for a minute then everything should wipe off, including the original markings!

Add a thought into the learning process!

Our dry-erase thought bubbles (available in blue and green,) help you cement the connection between thoughts and what we say in response!

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