Social Behavior Mapping Template Poster - Dry Erase Surface

Author: Michelle Garcia Winner

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  • Age(s): Ages 8-10, Ages 11-13, Ages 14-18, Young Adult, Adult
  • Format: Poster
  • ISBN: 9782403605563


Social Behavior Mapping is a strategy described in detail in one of our core books on Social Thinking, Thinking About You Thinking About Me, and also in the book Social Behavior Mapping: Connecting Behavior, Emotions and Consequences Across the Day. The purpose of a Social Behavior Map is to help students learn how each behavior they do has an emotional impact on those around them, and that how a person feels contributes strongly to how s/he reacts to another person's behavior. As individuals learn about the thoughts–feelings–behavior connection, the final lesson is ultimately that how we feel about ourselves is related to how other people treat us.

The dry erase surface on this poster provides repeated opportunities for teachers to explore this connection with different students and across different social situations and contexts. (Only use dry erase pens on the poster.)

A Social Behavior Map gives educators an interesting and engaging teaching tool to discuss sometimes tricky or delicate situations with students. It visually demonstrates the link between their expected behaviors and the positive emotions of others, which contribute to positive consequences for the student, ultimately helping the student feel better about him or herself. It also helps students link their unexpected behaviors and negative emotional reactions and related consequences from others, impacting negatively how the student feels about him or herself. Many of our students are able to see expected and unexpected behaviors in others but struggle with recognizing and understanding how their own behaviors affect others. A perfect tool to link social concepts together in a concrete, visual manner!

This poster is also sold as part of the Four Posters for the Classroom & Treatment Room set.

Dimensions: 24" width x 36" length.

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