Superflex Posters 2-Pack

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  • Ages: 7-10+
  • Format: Poster
  • ISBN: 5002
  • Published: 2015


Our two new Superflex posters are the perfect visual tools to guide students in using their superflexible social thinking and learning the concepts and strategies taught in our Superflex: A Superhero Social Thinking Curriculum. The Unthinkables represent some of the many social learning challenges our kids face with the poster depicting our 14 original characters, their names and anti-social powers. The characters on the companion poster, Superflex Thinkables, represent the pro-social learning powers and related expected behaviors experienced as children are guided well through our Superflex curriculum. It includes the 14 counterpart characters, their names, and the superflexible powers each represents. The characters on the posters are positioned so that the Unthinkable-Thinkable pair is found in the same spot on each poster.

The poster 2-pack is the perfect visual reference when teaching the Superflex curriculum. It has proven to encourage students to open up and talk about what type of thinking (Unthinkable) is invading their brain. As students acquire this self-awareness they become better at understanding what is preventing them from being superflexible thinkers. They are then more open to learning strategies to defeat their Unthinkable and to encourage their Thinkable/superflexible thinking and practice with pro-social behavior.

Several Superflex characters representing our different students’ gender and ethnic diversity are at the top of the poster, to remind students that Superflex represents the superflexible social thinking that’s in each of us. Check out the free Superflex is Me! lesson and download on our website: kids can draw their own Superflex!

Can be used anywhere flexible thinking and positive encouragement is needed – in the classroom, the clinic, or at home.

Teaching Tip from Michelle & Pam for Using the Poster Set

By working with this poster set you can encourage students to build their own internal Superflexible Power! Through our teachings we help kids learn to develop self-awareness of when their Unthinkable is appearing in their day, figure out what superflexible strategies they can use to defeat their Unthinkable, and then together celebrating their increasing superflexible abilities as they amass a larger team of Thinkables that can assist them anytime, anywhere!

For more information about the Thinkables and a useful tool, Superflex’s Very Cool Five-Step Power Plan, please see our book Social Town Citizens Discover 82 New Unthinkables for Superflex to Outsmart!

Dimensions: 18" width x 24" length each.

Learn How to Teach Superflex

Michelle Garcia Winner, Superflex co-author and the founder of Social Thinking, shares tips for teaching ages 8-11 with Social Thinking products (including Superflex products), in this free, recorded webinar. Get the inside scoop!

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