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Superflex: Helping Kids Become Better Social Detectives, Thinkers, and Problem Solvers

Superflex Helping Kids

Updated: Aug, 2021
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You have to reach kids before you can teach them—and Superflex is a wonderful ally in reaching kids with a cast of colorful characters who bring a whole curriculum to life to engage kids in learning to self-regulate.

Superflex is the name of our lovable superhero character who teaches kids they have a superhero inside their own brains (who looks just like they do) helping them learn about their own and others’ thoughts and behaviors, strengthening their flexible thinking, and giving them strategies to self-regulate in challenging times.

Embracing the superhero theme that makes Superflex so accessible to kids, we created a cast of supporting characters—Unthinkables* (we are officially changing Unthinkables to UnthinkaBots over the course of 2021-22) and Thinkables—and an environment, called Social Town, where the stories in our books and music play out.

While Superflex has powers to provide people with flexible thinking and problem-solving skills, the Unthinkables have the power to derail specific aspects of social behavior, leading us to do something unexpected. Each student is encouraged to define, describe, and develop strategies to minimize the impact of Unthinkables who may show up to thwart their flexible thinking.

For every Unthinkable there is an equally powerful Thinkable with its own special powers to help us be strong social detectives and self-regulators. Kids can call on their Superflex and Thinkable powers anytime, anyplace, to help coach them along the expected social route and avoid unexpected behavior!

The bottom line: The beauty of Superflex is it makes self-regulation fun. Kids become so motivated to learn and practice strategies to boost their “Superflex powers,” they don’t realize they’re working hard to improve their flexible thinking and self-regulation abilities! Adults love that it provides a positive, nurturing platform to encourage kids to change their behavior, while teaching valuable life skills. It’s no wonder Superflex is loved by so many around the world.

The Teaching and Learning Pathway

3- Step Pathway for Kids ages 5-10

As tempting as it may be to jump in and teach self-regulation with Superflex and the cast of Unthinkable and Thinkable characters, kids must build self-awareness before they can focus on self-regulation. (We shouldn’t expect kids to regulate their behavior if they aren’t aware of their behavior.) Therefore, start by teaching You Are a Social Detective, which gives kids the foundation to build self-awareness. This is a substantial storybook that should be taught over a period of time and revisited often to reinforce learning. Developing self-awareness is a slow process and for some children it could take many years! 


Some kids may never be candidates for the Superflex curriculum. If you find that a child doesn't have a clear understanding of what's real and what’s pretend, Superflex may not be the right fit. If you find a child gets anxious or becomes obsessed with the Unthinkables, or simply doesn't enjoy the concepts, you could focus instead on the strategies taught by the Thinkable characters, or change to non-Superflex-related lessons.


For children who would benefit from the Superflex curriculum, teach the books in this order:


More Superflex Resources

The curriculum is deep and it takes time to master the teaching and the learning—so please be flexible with yourself as you explore the many layers of Superflex. You can learn more in this article on Superflex’s Five-Step Power Plan, and refine your knowledge further in this article on the dos and don’ts of teaching Superflex. Also, our four-module On Demand series on Superflex shows how to teach the proven strategies in Social Detective and Superflex with fidelity to maximize effectiveness in supporting self-awareness and self-regulation. 

Key Players in Superflex's Social Town: Unthinkables & Thinkables




*Name Change from the Team of Unthinkables to the Team of UnthinkaBots

We have officially changed the name of the Team of Unthinkables to the Team of UnthinkaBots. The Superflex curriculum was born in 2008, and over its lifetime we have relied on input and ideas from clients, students, families, teachers, and therapists in both the neurodivergent and neurotypical worlds. Using their feedback and our own clinical experience, we have refined the curriculum series to include Thinkables, expand the characters in Social Town, and add the You Are a Social Detective, 2nd edition, storybook as a way to welcome social learners into the Superflex Universe. Recently, while meeting with neurodivergent adults, we discovered that the concept behind the creation of the Unthinkables was misunderstood and, at times, misused in classrooms and clinics by having certain Unthinkables represent children or people, rather than specific thoughts or actions.

To encourage interventionists to use these concepts in the manner intended, we are changing the name of Unthinkables to UnthinkaBots. With this new name, social learners can now imagine the Bots that try to control some of our thoughts and actions. For example, Was Funny Once releases SillyBots to get us to use humor at unexpected times and in unexpected situations. We all can learn to tackle the SillyBots with strategies and tools from the Social Thinking® Methodology. We hope you will enjoy imagining new ways to think about the UnthinkaBot characters in classrooms, small groups, and at home! One more thing. We replaced 4 of the 14 “first generation” characters with new names: Mean Bean (previously Mean Gene/Jean), Me-Gull (formerly One-sided Sid), Body Drifter (formerly Body Snatcher), and Blurt Out Blue (formerly Grump Grumpaniny).

We will be updating our products with these changes over the course of 2021 and 2022. It makes sense that we’re teaching students to be superflexible, since we, as publishers, also flex a lot as we learn. We hope you enjoy incorporating these important updates.

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