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Development of the Supported Employment, Comprehensive Cognitive Enhancement, and Social Skills program for adults on the autism spectrum: Results of initial study

Baker-Ericzén, M.J., Fitch, M., Kinnear, M., Jenkins, M. M., Smith, L., Montano, G., Twamley, E., Crooke, P, Garcia Winner, M., Feder, J., & Leon, J.

Autism: International Journal of Research and Practice

The population of adults on the autism spectrum continues to increase, and vocational outcomes are particularly poor. This initial pilot study investigated the newly developed Supported Employment, Comprehensive Cognitive Enhancement, and Social Skills intervention. The study found the intervention can be easily embedded into exiting supported employment vocational training programs to improve cognitive, social, and vocational outcomes.

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Baker-Ericzen et. al 2017 pilot study

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Adults with Social Learning Challenges at Work

Author(s): Michelle Garcia Winner

The following are some questions from different employers I have received about adults in the work world with social learning challenges. Social learning is typically a process that evolves naturally, starting from birth and continuing across the life span. It includes our innate ability to think through and apply information to succeed in situations that require social knowledge.

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Adults and Being Social: We're all a Work in Progress!

Author(s): Michelle Garcia Winner and Pamela Crooke

Here's the bottom line: The general public expects adults who do not manifest obvious social skills problems to use good social skills at work and in the community.

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Preparing for the Transition to Adulthood (Part 1)

Author(s): Michelle Garcia Winner

It's no secret that our students with social learning challenges (Autism Spectrum Disorders; ADHD, NVLD, undiagnosed murky kid...) struggle through various aspects of their education. Whether their struggles are due to difficulties establishing peer-based social relationships, completing academic assignments or both, our kids have not had it easy. We all have to think out of the box to develop lessons/opportunities for learning explicitly what neurotypical students learn implicitly (e.g., social thinking and related social skills, executive function skills, inferencing and synthesizing information, etc.).

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Preparing for the Transition to Adulthood (Part 2)

Author(s): Michelle Garcia Winner

The following is a list of questions to explore when students are in middle-high school to help consider realistic options post-graduation. Rarely have the students whom I've observed "pulled it together" in their junior/senior years of high school, given the tremendous increasing pressures they feel as they realize they will be graduating. While we want to include the student in transition discussions, we also have to realize that many of our students cannot imagine something they have not experienced.

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Preparing for the Transition to Adulthood (Part 3)

Author(s): Guest Writer

When Mike was young I was working closely with the College of Education at the University of Illinois. The department head of special education was an acquaintance of mine. At that time she advised me that we must begin working on transition issues from high school to post secondary with Mike by the sixth grade. We fought very hard with the school district to get Mike weaned from an aide by eighth grade- the school did not want to do it! However, we were able to use doctoral students from the University to assist in the process.

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10 Levels to Living Independently

Author(s): Michelle Garcia Winner and Dr. Pamela Crooke

For many of our clients, living independently (i.e. functioning without ongoing assistance and flexibly responding to daily demands) doesn’t just happen. We’ve developed a strategy based framework called the 10 Levels to Living Independently to help kids and young adults practice 10 essential independence skills before they venture out on their own.

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