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I Get It! Building Social Thinking and Reading Comprehension Through Book Chats

By Audra Jensen. For parents and professionals to use with individuals in primary school to late elementary school. Reading comprehension is more than being able to read words and sentences... How many parents and teachers have experienced the child who can read, often at an early age, but can't seem to grasp the meaning behind a sentence, or struggles to interpret story lines or the characters' perspectives or emotions? Author Audra Jensen brilliantly makes the connections! For Parents and Professionals to use.

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Incredible 5-Point Scale, The

Assisting Students with Autism Spectrum Disorders in Understanding Social Interactions and Controlling Their Emotional Responses by Kari Dunn Buron and Mitzi Curtis
For professionals and parents to use with students in kindergarten - high school. In this must-have resource, "two teachers from Minnesota" share their successful use of the simple concept of 5-point scales to help students understand and control their emotional reactions to everyday events that might otherwise set in motion escalating reactions. Whether it is inappropriate touching, obsessions, yelling, hitting or making hurtful statements to other students, this clearly illustrated book shows how to break down a given behavior and, with the student's active participation, develop a unique scale that identifies the problem and suggests alternative positive behaviors at each level of the scale!

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Inside Out: What Makes a Person with Social Cognitive Deficits Tick?

By Michelle Garcia Winner. For professionals and parents to use with all ages. This book is where to start to learn more about how social problems connect to academic problems, such as reading comprehension and written expression. The book introduces Michelle's ILAUGH model, that helps to pinpoint specific challenges. For ages K-adulthood grade and beyond, this book also provides insight on what information we expect students to develop "naturally" to become strong learners.

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The Incredible Flexible You™ 5 Storybooks, Volume 1

Perfect for parents to supplement the in-classroom teaching experience at home!

Through the adventures of four likable characters, Evan, Ellie, Jesse, and Molly, children are introduced to and learn about complex social concepts in a language they can understand. Readers journey along with the characters as their adventures unfold in various settings that mirror children’s experiences and inspire their imaginations.
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The Incredible Flexible You™ Curriculum Book, Volume 1

The Incredible Flexible You™ curriculum is designed to help young learners with average to way above average language and learning ability develop the skills they need to be flexible social thinkers and social problem solvers.
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The Incredible Flexible You™ Curriculum Set, Volume 1

A Social Thinking Curriculum for the Preschool and Early Elementary Years (ages 4-7) The Incredible Flexible You is an engaging new Social Thinking educational series that combines a social learning framework used in schools across the U.S. with music and dramatic play activities that will appeal to early learners. Play is the learning environment of young children, and this curriculum capitalizes on this idea!

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The Incredible Flexible You™ Music CD

Sold separately and as part of the Deluxe Curriculum Package.

The Incredible Flexible You music CD features 12 new songs written by award-winning songwriters Phil Galdston and Tom Chapin, and performed by “The Pied Piper of Children’s Music,” three-time GRAMMY® winner Tom Chapin. The songs are based on the Social Thinking vocabulary concepts and were written to accompany the curriculum storybooks, making the lessons so much easier to teach and that much more fun to learn. But, they also stand alone as catchy, singable, kid-friendly, and adult-safe music to play in the classroom, in the home, or even in the family car.

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The Incredible Flexible You™ Tote Bag

This adorable tote bag is a great accessory for anyone! Purchase here separately, or click here to receive the tote free with The Incredible Flexible You™ Curriculum.

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Keeping Calm

For parents and professionals to use with students preschool - 2nd grade. Welcome to Keeping Calm, an activity and coloring book featuring Playtime with Zeebu friends.

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Kimochis® "Cloud" Package

Express yourself with Kimochis and boost a child's emotional intelligence! Kimochi (pronounced KEY-MO-CHEE) means "feeling" in Japanese. Each Kimochi character comes with a How-To Kimochis Feel Guide and a set of three small feelings pillows (called “Kimochis,” each with a feeling-word printed on one side and a corresponding facial expression on the other).

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