Winner Michelle STTSC web2Michelle Garcia Winner received a Congressional award of special recognition for her development of Social Thinking, a treatment approach for social and communicative challenges.

The Journal of Autism and Developmental Disorders published research supporting the use of Social Thinking methods for treating Asperger syndrome and high-functioning autism. This approach is equally well known for its breadth and flexibility for treating and teaching a range of individuals struggling with social learning.

Michelle's inspiring and practical conferences are designed for professionals and parents alike -- for anyone working with students and adults who are experiencing social and communication problems (high-functioning autism, Asperger's, ADHD, nonverbal learning disorders... or no diagnosis!). Listed below are the events Michelle's organization, Social Thinking, hosts. Registration is open to all. Early registration is suggested and offers a discount!

The Social Thinking Training & Speakers' Collaborative

Michelle is part of the Social Thinking Training & Speakers' Collaborative, a group of professionals specially trained in and actively practicing Social Thinking. Please take a look at the Social Thinking Training & Speakers' Collaborative if your group is not near one of the regions of Michelle's conferences below.

Comments from Participants

  • "Michelle is an amazing speaker. She makes all of these complexities seem so easy to understand and relay to kids with social issues." - Occupational Therapist

  • "The most intelligent, humane understanding of socially challenged people I've ever had occasion to hear" - parent

  • "Thank you for connecting social learning with scholastic learning" - Special Ed teacher

  • "Simply great parenting strategies to use with all kids!" - parent

  • "Chomping at the bit to take it back to the school district"  - occupational therapist

  • "This was such an amazing conference.  I can't wait to take this wealth of information to my classromm" - Special Ed teacher

  • "I can take everything I've learned here and put to use in therapy" - SLP