Superflex's Very Cool Five-Step Power Plan Poster
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Free Download: Superflex's Very Cool Five-Step Power Plan

Superflex's Very Cool Five-Step Power Plan Poster is a supplemental visual tool for those who want to teach Superflex curriculum concepts at a deeper level with ages 8-11. The Power Plan and the five Power Pals were first introduced in our book Social Town Citizens Discover 82 New Unthinkables for Superflex to Outsmart!

The Power Plan is a teaching strategy that helps students strengthen their superflexible thinking and become more independent problem solvers as they defeat their Unthinkables. As students work through the five steps they:

  • Identify which Unthinkable is invading their brain.
  • Observe the situation and the people in it.
  • Stop and think about the hidden rules.
  • Use their own flexible thinking to choose an appropriate strategy.
  • Use self-talk to coach themselves to remain calm through this process.

Download a handout-size version of the Five-Step Power Plan poster for free to use in your classroom, clinic, or home.

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