Superflex Superdecks & Double Deck Bundle

Michelle Garcia Winner Stephanie Madrigal

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  • Ages: 7-10+
  • Format: Game
  • ISBN: 6000
  • Published: 2014


Kids love Superflex and are eager to explore new ways to learn about the supportive Thinkables, the sneaky Unthinkables and discover new strategies to defeat them, using Superflex’s very cool Five-Step Power Plan. This bundle includes one copy of Superflex Superdecks and one copy of Thinkables & Unthinkables Double Deck.  Items are also sold individually.

Superflex Superdecks

Contains four standard playing card size decks, 52 cards each, that can be used in all sorts of superflexible ways to help you teach the who, what, when, where, and why of Superflex:

  • Unthinkables deck: 14 original characters, multiples of each
  • Thinkables deck: 14 related characters, multiples of each
  • Situation deck: everyday situations where Unthinkables and Thinkables appear
  • Strategy deck: all sort of strategies to use in combating the Unthinkables

Unthinkables & Thinkables

Includes laminated reference guides show all 14 Unthinkables and their powers on one side, the 14 related Thinkables on the other.

Power Pals/Five-Step Power Plan

Laminated reference guides help students think about Superflex’s pals and their powers that together help defeat the Unthinkables.

Each deck comes with a game, instructions, and answer sheet. Additional games and activities are available in a free PDF download, along with blank templates to create your own cards to expand and individualize each deck to your students’ needs.

Thinkables & Unthinkables Double Deck

Is designed for ultimate flexibility as you unleash your creative spirit in teaching the Superflex curriculum in fun, new ways with your students.

  • Unthinkables deck: multiple copies of the 14 original Unthinkables
  • Thinkables deck: multiple copies of the 14 related Thinkables, plus Superflex cards
  • The card face shows the character’s image, name, and power.

You take the lead in using the card decks in either of these new Superflex products— they are a blank canvas of possibilities to supplement your Superflex teaching. For instance, you could:

  • Create games such as “Go Fish” with the cards to use with your students
  • Use the Thinkables cards to say “good job” when an Unthinkable has been defeated
  • Use an Unthinkable card as a visual reminder for a student to use his/her strategies when the clever, sneaky character is invading a student’s brain
  • Pick an Unthinkable or Thinkable and have students use their Social Detective skills to play a version of “I Spy…” and look for that character showing up in themselves or others in the group, the classroom, or the school

Learn How to Teach Superflex

Michelle Garcia Winner, Superflex co-author and the founder of Social Thinking, shares tips for teaching ages 8-11 with Social Thinking products (including Superflex products), in this free, recorded webinar. Get the inside scoop!

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