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We love our community. Thank you for inspiring us in so many ways!

Social Thinking Community

Kurt, Program Director

This is so relevant to my work at a private special purpose school for kids with behavioral/emotional disabilities. I can't wait to implement this in our school!



Camille, Speech-Language Pathologist

I have learned so many practical reachable, doable, yet possibly life-changing activities and strategies to use with my kids.



Conference Attendee, Parent

Your program has given me the much needed tools to communicate in a meaningful way with my 9 year old son. Thank you. The stress level in our house has decreased along with the meltdowns. He is able to come out of the meltdowns much more readily. Thanks.


Annie, Pediatric SLP and Selective Mutism Group NH State Coordinator

This conference was truly one of the most informative, insightful and well organized events I have ever attended. Michelle's passion and expertise shined through brilliantly. It's truly a gift to have such a wealth of information shared so we can support our kiddo's social thinking in the most beautiful of ways.



Julie, School Psychologist

Love these conferences! Even though I come every year, I always learn something new.



Katie, Speech-Language Pathologist

I can't get enough of these conferences! The information is so relevant, appropriate, and helpful. I always feel like you are talking specifically about MY students! :) Thanks so much.


Jennifer, 3rd Grade Teacher

Very engaging speakers! To hear the stories behind the materials from the creators is invaluable. It makes the program even more tangible and meaningful. I am excited to implement Social Thinking, The Zones of Regulation, and much more w/ all students! (Maybe adults and myself too!)



Camille, Speech-Language Pathologist

I have learned so many practical reachable, doable, yet possibly life-changing activities and strategies to use with my kids.



Kate, Special Education Teacher

Great day! Lots of really good info and "nuggets" to take back. Amazing how knowledgeable you are!


Lissa, School Counselor

The speakers were very captivating and humorous. I still feel like I need more time to process what I've learned today. I need more time to work through the materials myself and shift my own thinking and slow down to meet the students where they are at, not where I need them to be. Thank you for today!



Diana, Speech-Language Pathologist

Love these conferences! Nice explanation as how to break down areas by age. Also nice tie into RTI & PBIS.



Gretchen, Speech-Language Pathologist

I very much appreciate the links between social intent/thinking and the common core, or school based standards & expectations. This connection, and the understanding that it exists, is so crucial to every member of a student's school community!


Amanda, School Adjustment Counselor

Excellent day, nice balance of content w/ practical applications & stories. Very informative AND entertaining!



Nadine, Speech-Language Pathologist

I love how realistic the approach is, and doable!! Based on real clinical experience, adaptable to individual needs/strengths. Great that all the vocabulary is simple, easy to understand, and not full of professional 'shop talk'.



Lea, Parent

I have a 13 yr old son with autism and 11 year old with some behaviors and ADHD. I can't possibly write down how much I have learned from the Social Thinking conference. It should be against the law not to attend a Michelle Garcia Winner conference.


Crystal, School Psychologist

Social Thinking is the philosophy that I ascribe to professionally. It serves as my guide through assessment and intervention.



Louise, OT

I turned the Social Fate or Social Fortune book into a role-play group. It's working amazing and we are processing topics that I never would have brought up when out of "character”. Thanks for all you do you make my job so much easier. :)



Sara, SLP

OMG you are my hero :) and I use just about everything you publish!



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