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The Social Thinking® Methodology first developed from our work with high schoolers. It’s now the premier, go-to source for understanding the social world through an evidence-based lens, which encourages the ongoing development of teaching concepts, strategies, and tools for working with and supporting tweens and teens as they learn about themselves and others, as well as how to navigate meeting their own goals in the ever-changing landscapes within the social world.


For virtual tools to help you reach tweens and teens during these emotionally fragile times, check out the free downloadable resources below. Please do NOT repost or sell them on sharing or educational platforms. If you have questions, refer to our IP guidelines for more information about copyright and trademark restrictions.

ILAUGH Model Thinksheets: Free Downloadable Thinksheets

About ILAUGH Model

The ILAUGH Model of Social Cognition is a core (and critical) framework created and developed by Michelle Garcia Winner to help professionals and parents understand and think about the struggles faced by those with social learning differences and/or challenges. The framework is based on an extensive literature base of both seminal and current research and represents the foundation of all Social Thinking concepts. ILAUGH is an acronym for the research-based concepts that contribute to challenges for those with social learning differences across academic, community, vocational, and social contexts.


Free thinksheets relating to parts of the ILAUGH model can be downloaded below.

Learn More About ILAUGH
Free Thinksheets Below Support Concepts Taught in:

I - Getting Started on Tasks

Thinksheet - Getting Started on Tasks
Download Thinksheet

H = Humor Scale

Thinksheet - humor scale
Download Thinksheet

U = Understanding Perspective

Thinksheet - Understanding Perspective
Download Thinksheet

How to Solve Problems, Thinking With Your Eyes & Smart Chart: Free Downloadable Thinksheets

How to Solve Problems

Thinksheet - how to solve problems before they become problems
Download Thinksheet

Smarts Chart

Thinksheet - Smarts Chart
Download Thinksheet

Free Downloadable Thinksheets for Tweens & Teens

Brain Filter Zoom Activity

If we use our filter to decide what states in our brains vs. what we say, then we can keep others feeling calm or okay when they are around us.
Download Thinksheet

Rating Your Zoom Impression

Use this thinksheet after or during your Zoom session/group.  Rate your Zoom Impression, set a goal, and action plan for next group meeting.
Download Thinksheet
About Social Thinking Thinksheets for Tweens and Teens

Black & White Thinking

Black and White Thinking
Download Thinksheet

What is Self-Advocacy?

what is advocacy
Download Thinksheet

Self-Advocacy Checklist

Advocacy Checklist
Download Thinksheet

Comfort Scale

Comfort Scale Thinksheet
Download Thinksheet

Lurking vs Stalking vs Lingering

lurking versus stalking versus lingering
Download Thinksheet

Feed Adult an Info Snack

Feed Adult an Info Snack
Download Thinksheet

I Don't Want to But I Will Anyhow

I Don't Want to But I Will Anyhow Thinksheet
Download Thinksheet

Add a Thought, Ask a Question: Free Downloadable Thinksheet

Add a Thought, Ask A Question Thinksheet

Comments and questions form the basis of social language.  The meaning of spoken language is also supported by inflection, non-verbal facial cues, gestures, situational cues, etc.


This Thinksheet supports concepts taught in Think Social! A Social Thinking Curriculum for School-Age Students.

Download Thinksheet

Bridging Brains: Free Video Lesson & Downloadable Thinksheet

Bridging Brains Thinksheet

Everyone has thoughts!  How do we know what other people are thinking?  How can we let other people know what we are thinking about?  How do we get thoughts from one brain to another?  The Only way to do it is to bridge your brains!
Download Thinksheet
Watch the video lesson before using the thinksheet
Allison King | MS, CCC-SLP

Social Fortune or Social Fate

International Book Award

This award-winning book teaches individuals about the social-emotional responsibility we all have to those around us as we share space or interact with them.


Get the Book
Tips for Using Social Fortune or Social Fate
Social Fortune or Social Fate

Draw Your Own Fortune/Fate Scenarios

Draw Your Own
Download Thinksheet

Re-Training your Brain for RCA

Retrain Your Brain
Download Thinksheet

Problem Solving Thermometer

Problem Solving
Download Thinksheet

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