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For over 25 years Social Thinking has touched the hearts, minds, and lives of more than 2.5 million people of all ages. As the premier publisher of social emotional learning resources, our products have been adopted and implemented by thousands of schools, clinics, and families throughout the world and by some of the largest school districts nationwide. They trust us to create, publish, and promote quality products that teach the evidence-based social concepts, teaching scaffolds (e.g., treatment and conceptual frameworks), and practical strategies, tips, and tools, which are all part of the Social Thinking® Methodology or align well with our core beliefs:

  • Teach social competencies, rather than social skills
  • We are all social learners on a lifelong journey
  • Treat the individual, not the diagnosis
  • Help individuals meet their social goals
  • Break down information to build up social competencies
  • Be aware of our own biases and how they impact how we work with clients
  • Learn from and with our social learners, both neurodiverse and neurotypical


We invite you to browse our award-winning products and discover for yourself and your children, students, or clients why these works have been recognized with prestigious awards.

Award Winning

Award-Winning Social Emotional Learning Products

Our Products Have Been Recognized with These Prestigious Awards

Helping You Help Others

Using our evidence-based Social Thinking Methodology, which has evolved based on all we’ve learned from working with neurodiverse individuals, their families, and their teachers, we’ve emerged as a leading publisher of social emotional teaching and learning resources, referred to as Think Social Publishing, Inc., Social Thinking Publishing, Inc., or simply Social Thinking. While our methodology was originally designed to help those with social emotional learning challenges (e.g., ADHD, social communication differences, language learning differences, brain injury, autism spectrum differences levels 1 & 2, etc.), mainstream classrooms are also adopting aspects of our methodology for use with all students. We are humbled and proud to collaborate with so many neurodiverse individuals, parents, and professionals from around the world and continue to update, innovate, and create new responsive materials to better support and represent our diverse and growing communities.


We are deeply committed to providing quality, practical information that is rooted in research, built upon real-world experiences, and is responsive to the needs of the people for whom it is designed to help throughout their lives. We’re also working hard to be aware of and edit our materials to control for subconscious biases toward race, gender, and neurodiversity within our trainings and what we publish and distribute.

Leadership Recognition & Awards

Since its inception in 1995, our development and evolution of Social Thinking®, a metacognitively based teaching methodology, has focused on helping children, students, and clients explore how the social emotional world works in face-to-face interactions and within academic lessons to help them better navigate to regulate within the social world. Social Thinking has been a pioneering leader for more than 25 years because we unpack complicated elements within the social world to teach how to develop competencies that are applied when sharing space with others, engaged in social emotional interactions and within academic learning. Our mission is to help both interventionists (professionals and family members) and social learners from ages four through mature adulthood in understanding how the social world works, to help each of us better navigate to regulate within that world, whether we are neurodiverse or neurotypical.


Michelle Garcia Winner, Founder & CEO of Social Thinking has received numerous awards and honors for her groundbreaking work in the field of social learning.


Dr. Pamela Crooke, Chief Curriculum Officer of Social Thinking and co-developer of the Social Thinking® Methodology, has coauthored numerous award-winning books with Michelle Garcia Winner.

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