Sharing an Imagination

#10 in Our Series of 10 Core Concepts

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Sharing an Imagination

We tend to think imaginations are only for the young! Yet sharing an imagination is essential across the ages for having a conversation, working in a team, creating new things, reading comprehension, peer play, social networking, and more. Join Social Thinking’s founder, Michelle Garcia Winner, as she explains what we mean by sharing an imagination, how all nine Social Thinking concepts taught in this webinar series lead to it, and how this concept is critical (and, we think, uniquely suited) to helping individuals of all ages develop social competencies. Plus, discover which Social Thinking materials will help you teach this concept across different age groups!

After watching this webinar, infuse your teaching with this concept over the next month to help your students understand it deeply and meaningfully (avoid memorization). Then, review all 10 concepts in our webinar series to understand how each concept builds on the next and why teaching them slowly, in order, is a best practice for supporting an individual through their social learning journey.

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As a thank you for watching the webinar, here’s 10% off 9 products that help teach the concept sharing an imagination. Eligible products are listed in the Related Products section below. Use code: Imagine through May 21, 2019.

The 10 Concepts Webinar Series

This webinar is the last in a series that shares best practices for teaching 10 core Social Thinking concepts over 10 months. Strengthen your students’ social-emotional learning by infusing your teaching with an additional concept each month over the course of the school year. We recommend learning about (and teaching) the concepts in order as they build on one another. The webinar recordings are available here for you to watch.

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