Help Your Young Child Develop Foundational Social Competencies

Our Clinical Treatment program provides opportunities for social learning for early learners by exploring Social Thinking in a fun and play-based context, through stories, music, structured activities, and dramatic play. It is designed to strengthen the foundational concepts of social development to help our early learners with social learning challenges develop the skills they need to be flexible social thinkers and social problem solvers. They also learn about their own thinking and that of others to help them make better decisions when in the midst of social play and interaction. Here are just some of the concepts included in our program:


  • Using our eyes to make observations and to learn about others
  • Using our bodies and words to communicate and play with others
  • Initiating interactions and adding to pretend/imaginative play
  • Engaging in cooperative play
  • Asking for help appropriately
  • Joining a group and figuring out a group plan
  • Problem solving
  • Dealing with frustrations
  • Increasing mental flexibility and reducing rigidity
  • Expanding social language skills
  • and more depending on individual social needs

Application for Ages 4-7

All applications must be submitted to the Social Thinking-Stevens Creek, San Jose clinic.

(408) 244-2005


Office hours: M–F, 9am – 7pm Pacific Time


3550 Stevens Creek Blvd., Suite 200

San Jose, CA 95117

Download Application

Clinical Treatment Service Rates

Weekly Therapy Group: $115 / hour

Group size is generally between 2-4 participants. The group consists of approximately 50 minutes of direct therapy for the students and 10 minutes of parent education each week. Our clinical staff goes above and beyond in coordinating the group placements, however, on some occasions students’ initial placements are not successful. We will coordinate with you in this event.


Individual Therapy: $165 / hour

Individual therapy sessions are limited and offered as space allows. The rate of $165/hr is for all therapists.


Family & Client Related Consultation: $165 / hour

Consultation may take the form of parent requested special time to meet with them to discuss their child, once we have started to see them regularly in the clinic. We may also attend IEP or other meetings, engage in parent requested school observations, write small reports based on what we have learned from the child during our treatment sessions, work with siblings, etc. Travel to and from meetings will be billed at the hourly consultation rate. Telephone, email and any other consultation requested by parents to discuss the client with other care providers will be billed in 15-minute increments.


School District Embedded Training: $200 / hour

Can take place at School District’s place of business and can include brainstorming meetings, small staff training, curriculum development, teacher or aide training, attending IEP meetings or observation of the student in the class. Travel to the worksite is charged at the hourly rate, when it takes more than 15 minutes to drive to and from the appointment.


Informal Social Thinking Dynamic Assessments: *$500

An assessment is not required for an individual to receive services from our clinic. Assessments are only offered at our Social Thinking-Santa Clara and Social Thinking Boston clinics. *$500 is the average rate for the evaluation session (typically 3.0 hours) plus an hourly rate of $160/hr to write any letter or report requested by the family.


Meet our San Jose Clinical Staff

Boston (Sudbury) Clinic Services & Staff


Our Clinic in Boston (Sudbury), MA provides therapy to clients in the New England area. The Boston clinic opened in 2012 with Michelle’s endorsement and under the direction of Nancy Clements, a social-cognitive therapist and a member of the Social Thinking Training and Speakers’ Collaborative.


The Boston Clinic is independently owned and operated. To learn more about their Clinical Treatment services & staff please visit their website.

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