Renee Attaway


Renee Attaway is the founder and director of Social Thinking® at Parish, a program at The Parish School that offers social cognitive services in the Houston, Texas. For over 5 years, her program provides group and individual therapeutic services for children from preschool to high school, an overnight social learning summer camp called Camp Social Superheroes, and a parent group.

As a Speech Language Pathologist, Renee has offered Social Thinking® groups since discovering Michelle's work in 2003. She has completed both the mentor training and internship at the Social Thinking clinics in San Jose, CA.


Renee's career has included working in private schools, the university setting, and private practice. She has focused on the school setting for over 14 years through work with the public schools as a supervisor, consulting with private schools and her position at The Parish school, a private school for children with language and learning differences. Renee's passion for language and cognition came from her many roles there, including working as a lead preschool teacher, pull-out therapist, and administrator for Speech Pathology services. Program development is another of Renee's strengths and she has been instrumental in creating or supporting language programs and summer camps at The University of Houston, The Parish School, and founded Camp Social Superheroes. She also served as a program chair the Texas Speech and Hearing Association.

Renee is an enthusiastic speaker who enjoys sharing her own clinical experiences with audiences across North America. She has traveled as a speaker all over North America and has over 10 years of speaking experiences in her community and to many different kinds of professionals. In addition, Renee speaks about social cognitive development, preschool play skills, group language therapy, and creating effective social groups.


Other Experience

At the University of Houston, Renee worked as a Clinical Supervisor and supervised graduate students in speech pathology.  She created and directed Cougar Communication Groups, which offered a summer group therapy experience for graduate students and included articulation, language, reading, and social groups.


For two-and-a-half years, Renee served on the Programming Committee for TSHA, which is responsible for planning and hosting the annual convention for the state.  Renee served as committee co-chair and helped coordinate the convention hosting site, sessions offered, and convention activities.


Speaking Experience

Renee has presented on the following topics in addition to the core Social Thinking workshops mentioned above:

  • Social Thinking® for Elementary Students
  • Language Development in Young Children
  • Preschool Social Development and Play Skills
  • Social Groups 101:  How to run an effective social group
  • Pragmatic Language Skills
  • Behavior vs. Social:  Understanding Social Difficulties in a Classroom
  • Language Therapy in a Group Setting
  • Social Skills in the Preschool Classroom
  • Social Skills in Neurotypical Children

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Renee is the mother of two young children and spends most of her free time playing, creating art projects, and chasing preschoolers. She is an avid reader and loves traveling, painting and crafts, restaurants, and Pilates.


Financial Disclosure

Financial: Speaker for Think Social Publishing, Inc. and receives speaking fees. 

Non-¬≠financial: No relevant non-¬≠financial relationships exist. 


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