The Zones of Regulation Book and Game Bundle

Leah Kuypers Terri Rossman Elizabeth Sautter

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  • Ages: 8 to young adult
  • Pages: 182
  • Format: Game
  • ISBN: 7500
  • Published: 2018


The Zones of Regulation is a popular framework taking the world by storm—and now you can get The Zones curriculum, the game Navigating The Zones (for ages 8+), and its Advanced Pack (for ages 10+) all in one bundle! Help kids, teens, and young adults build emotional awareness, self-regulation, problem solving, and more with these interactive teaching materials. Plus—save $15 when you purchase the bundle over buying the products separately.

1. The Zones of Regulation, Ages 4+

The Zones of Regulation is a framework and easy-to-use curriculum teaching students strategies for emotional and sensory management. Rooted in cognitive behavioral therapy, the Zones approach uses four colors to help students identify how they are functioning in the moment given their emotions and level of alertness. By understanding social context and how their feelings impact those around them, students learn improved emotional control, sensory regulation, self-awareness, and problem-solving abilities. Lessons included on a USB for easy printing. Also sold separately.

2. Navigating The Zones, Ages 8+

This unique cooperative game expands on the teachings of The Zones of Regulation curriculum. It introduces the concept of the Zones Pathway via an interactive board where participants practice problem solving through different situations while collaborating along the way. Requires that participants are familiar with The Zones curriculum and vocabulary. Also sold separately.

3. Advanced Pack: Cards to Extend Play with Navigating The Zones, Ages 10+

Once participants understand how to navigate a Zones Pathway, the Advanced Pack offers additional cards to help older, more sophisticated thinkers further develop their self-regulation skills. Add these cards to the Navigating The Zones game to introduce three additional levels of play—including competitive game play! The Advanced Pack provides more complex and nuanced Situation and Feeling Cards and encourages more flexible, strategic thinking by introducing Wild Cards, Trade-A-Cards, and more. Also sold separately.

Download Zones Handouts

Enjoy three widely-used handouts or “Reproducibles” from the book in digital form! These tools are designed for professionals who are using The Zones of Regulation curriculum to share with the families of their students and clients to continue the learning at home. Download the Reproducibles in multiple languages to make the concepts accessible to more families.

• English: Reproducible A, Reproducible B, Reproducible E
• French/Français: Reproductibles A, Reproductibles B, Reproductibles E
• Spanish/Español: Reproducible A, Reproducible B, Reproducible E

Recommended Teaching & Learning Pathway

If you’re looking to implement the Social Thinking Methodology, teach the following materials alongside The Zones of Regulation to help individuals communicate more effectively, socially problem solve, and ultimately—build relationships. As with our products, this Teaching & Learning Pathway is relevant to clinicians, educators, parents—anyone helping a person develop their social competencies.

  • Ages 4-7
  • Ages 8-11
  • Ages 12-13
  • Ages 14-18
  • Young Adult

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Instructors: Leah Kuypers Michelle Garcia Winner

In this webinar, two powerful innovators in the areas of emotional control, sensory regulation, and executive functioning join forces to discuss the latest thinking around the Zones of Regulation, a framework and related curriculum for building self-regulation skills. Michelle Garcia Winner, founder of the Social Thinking Methodology, will conduct an in-person interview with Leah Kuypers, author of The Zones of Regulation and founder of the related framework and curriculum.

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