Coping With Boring Moments - Poster

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  • Age(s): Ages 8-10 Ages 11-13
  • Pages: 1
  • Format: Poster
  • ISBN: 9781936943395


We all get bored from time to time, and an important life skill to teach our students is how to handle boredom when participating in a group. Humor can be a welcome teaching vehicle for students, and this poster infuses humor into concrete information that helps students learn about the expected and unexpected behaviors related to boredom. With the support of the poster, teachers can engage in more-explicit real-life discussions about the social challenges students experience when they get bored and how to deal with them. It also provides an opportunity to talk about the challenges teachers and students face together in a group learning situation where people can have different interests.

While teachers cannot prevent students from experiencing boredom, they can encourage students to be bored in a more "expected" way. Parents also find this concept very useful for situations in the home and community!

This poster is also sold as part of the Four Posters for the Classroom & Treatment Room set. Dimensions: 36" width x 24" length.

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