Tools to Measure

Tools to Measure

Whenever we hear someone say, "I'm doing social thinking", we have to ask What exactly do you mean?  Social Thinking is a methodology comprised of several frameworks, concepts, strategies, tools, curricula, and lessons, so it's impossible to implement everything!  We want to work together to shift the language of our community to use language that truly reflects what each of us are doing in a more specific way so that: a) we are all on the same page when communicating within the community and to others new to the social thinking methodology, and b) our outcome measures align with the curriculum or strategies we've selected (e.g., Superflex, Think Social, Social Thinking Vocabulary, etc.).  

In the coming months we will be sharing a series of TIPS for implementation as well as measurement. These TIP sheets will always begin with a clear statement about what you've chosen to implement.  For example, "I'm using Social Behavior Mapping, which is part of the Social Thinking methodology with my 5th and 6th grade students to teach social problem solving by showing the connections between actions and emotions and reactions. I'm measuring outcomes using a 4 point rubric for understanding and use of the maps."

We've posted a couple of observational tools that we like to use in this section. Please keep checking back because we will add to these in the future.

Click here to download an observational tool that can be used in the classroom or group setting.

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