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Our clinical services are focused on implementing the core Social Thinking® teachings and related social skills for students with average to above average language and cognition from as young as 4 years old into and across adulthood.


We encourage the development of social learning and self-regulation through the teachings of Social Thinking® frameworks and related strategies as well as utilize other professionals work that adheres to a social cognitive behavioral treatment approach. We enjoy using materials developed by Sarah Ward and Kristen Jacobsen to help teach executive functioning; Story Grammar Marker® by Maryellen Rooney Moreau to encourage social interpretations and social problem solving; sensory regulation strategies, etc. We develop treatment based on the best evidence available and experienced professional staff, and we value feedback from our clients as well as their family members. We focus on teaching strategies to enhance social learning which can be summarized by saying we address executive functioning, perspective taking, emotional awareness, self-awareness and self-monitoring and central coherence.

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Clinic Program for Ages 4-7

Our program provides opportunities for social learning for early learners by exploring Social Thinking in a fun and play-based context, through stories, music, structured activities, and dramatic play. It is designed to strengthen the foundational concepts of social development to help our early learners with social learning challenges develop the skills they need to be flexible social thinkers and social problem solvers. They also learn about their own thinking and that of others to help them make better decisions when in the midst of social play and interaction. Here are just some of the concepts included in our program:


  • Using our eyes to make observations and to learn about others
  • Using our bodies and words to communicate and play with others
  • Initiating interactions and adding to pretend/imaginative play
  • Engaging in cooperative play
  • Asking for help appropriately
  • Joining a group and figuring out a group plan
  • Problem solving
  • Dealing with frustrations
  • Increasing mental flexibility and reducing rigidity
  • Expanding social language skills
  • and more depending on individual social needs

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Clinic Program for Ages 8-18

Our lessons, whether in a group or individual setting, are driven by the needs of our clients. We take a comprehensive look at each client’s social cognitive needs as well as their age and developmental level and develop lessons specific to them. Here are just some of what students learn at our clinic:


  • To be part of a group
  • To observe and interpret social expectations
  • How social expectations change with age and context
  • To monitor their body language and proximity to others
  • To recognize impulses and learn self-control
  • To become more flexible thinkers
  • To deal with anxiety and learn to regulate big emotions
  • Social problem solving
  • To communicate more effectively and appropriately self-advocate
  • The four steps of perspective taking
  • How one’s behaviors impact the feelings of those around them
  • Planning and organizational skills
  • and much more

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Clinic Program for Adults

We are an unusual set of clinics in that we specialize in working with teens, young adults who are transitioning into adulthood as well as adults of all ages. When working with our adult clients, we use our core Social Thinking concepts as well as concepts and strategies specifically designed for the individual we are working with.


We bridge social thinking, the social emotional experience, and social competencies. During our sessions we help clients better define their treatment goals, explore practical concepts and strategies that are practiced in our clinic as well as by the client away from our clinic. We commonly work with high school students who are preparing for adulthood, university/college students, adults living with their families and a large range of professionals who are getting relatively poor feedback from their superiors on the job.


All of our clients are dealing with confusion or frustration when trying to navigate the tricky waters of adult friendship and personal relationships. It is more common for our adults to be seen individually but we also provide group services. If there is a good group for the adult client, and they are seeking social group services, we will have them try it out to see if it is a good fit for them. When working with adult clients, we also like to meet with a family member when possible. Just like with our younger students, the social experience can happen any time of day and it is great to keep people who live with our clients abreast of concepts they can use to help encourage more positive social relations.


Some concepts explored with our adult clients include:


  • Transition to adulthood and the changing social expectations
  • Perspective taking
  • Personal problem solving
  • Understanding the hidden rules and hidden messages
  • Flexible thinking
  • Self-advocacy
  • Building independence and motivation
  • Organizational skills
  • Expanding social networks
  • Improving social communication
  • Working as a member of a team
  • Managing stress and exploring how anxiety inhibits social and/or vocational success

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