Summer Programs - Stevens Creek

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Students will explore cutting edge approaches to enhance the development of social cognition for both classroom and social situations.  We offer weekly groups and/or individual sessions, each include an individualized lesson, fun activities to practice Social Thinking® concepts, and a parent education component.  We take  a comprehensive look at your child's social cognitive needs as well as their age and developmental level and develop lessons specific to them.  Our summer programs vary from year to year, please see application for specific information.  Here is just some of what your child will learn during our summer programs:

  • To observe and interpret social expectations
  • How social expectations change with age and context
  • To become more flexible thinkers
  • To deal with anxiety and learn to regulate emotions
  • To strengthen social problem solving
  • To communicate more effectively and appropriately self-advocate
  • Planning and organizational skills
  • And much more!


Questions? Call us at (408) 244-2005


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