Little Known Ways to Understand the Autism Spectrum

What if I told you that Apsergers and the autism spectrum is a laughing matter?

Stephen Borgman

In this article, Stephen Borgman shares with you Ms. Garcia Winner's ILAUGH model as a way as understanding the core social challenges that individuals on the spectrum face.
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Will Make Eye Contact

How to Write Social Skills IEP Goals That Work

Valle Dwight

Michelle Garcia Winner Called "... the leading expert in the field of social skills." -, in article on the Massachusetts requirement for IEP teams to consider and address the social skills needs of children on the spectrum.

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Breaking Down Barriers

Camp Yakety Yak teaches special needs children and their peers tools to build friendships and boost self-confidence

By Christina Lent

Campers learn how to monitor their emotions and communicate feelings with others while taking part in fun activities with their new friends during the Camp Yakety Yak session at St. Matthew Lutheran Church.

Camp Yakety Yak is arming special needs children and their young peers with the superpower of flexibility this summer. With the help of Superflex, a superhero who battles a bothersome group of Unthinkables who pop up in the mind, summer campers are learning how to work through their emotions in what could be stressful situations and get back to having fun and trying new things....

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Unpopular Children: Why Don't They Like Me?

A new theory claims that being an unpopular child is a learning difficulty, just like dyslexia - and the good news is that it can be treated

Tanith Carey

"[Winner's] ideas are rapidly gaining currency... Crucially, Social Thinking is used not just to help children on the autistic spectrum, but also [those] who have not been diagnosed with any problem but who, without guidance, may never learn the rules of friendship..."
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Perspective Taking Spectrum

"The Light Bulb Went On!"

Stphen Borgman

Psychology Today blogger Stephen Borgman, a psychotherapist who writes "Spectrum Solutions," recently praised Michelle Garcia Winner's work on Social Thinking, stating "she is one of my favorite authors in the field of teaching emotional intelligence" and has "pioneered some very helpful ways of conceptualizing and helping educators understand the social challenges that students on the autism spectrum face." Regarding Michelle's Perspective Taking Spectrum, he says, "It was like the light bulb went on."
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Discover a New Twist to the Autism Spectrum

Do you Know I've Discovered a New Twist to the Autism Spectrum?

Stephen Borgman

" of my favorite authors in the field of teaching emotional intelligence. Michelle Garcia Winner has pioneered some very helpful ways of conceptualizing and helping educators understand the social challenges that students on the autism spectrum face."
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Michelle Answers SF Chronicle/SF Gate Reader Questions

Laura Shumaker's City Brights Autism Blog

QUESTION: I think my 20 year old grand niece has autism, but she's never been diagnosed. How can I help her?

Dear Laura:

Thank you for offering to answer questions about autism.

My 20 year old grand niece lives with her family near Chicago. Julie went through 10th grade in a special needs school and then completed her GED online 3 years ago..."
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Super Mario Brothers and Social Thinking

Leigh Attaway Wilcox

"Since my son (Ethan, 7 years old) lives with Asperger's Syndrome (AS), an Autism Spectrum Disorder, he often has difficulty with forming and maintaining friendships. The truth is most kids and adults with AS have deficits related to social skills and communication... Thankfully, Ethan also attends a phenomenal Social Thinking Group (based on the Social Thinking Curriculum developed by Michelle Garcia Winner) with other kids and several very dedicated therapists at Help, Hope, Solutions in Plano..."
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Autism, Aspergers and Social Thinking

A Conversation with Michelle Garcia Winner

Laura Shumaker

One day during Matthew’s freshman year at our local high school, he observed Joe pushing his girlfriend flirtatiously and then tapping her on the head. The couple kissed, took each other by the hand, and skipped away. Inspired Joe’s success, Matthew tried the same moves on another girl with too much force, and she ran to the principal’s office in tears.

When I arrived at school for a debriefing, Matthew was trying to explain himself. “Joe did the same thing to Sue, ” he cried, “and she liked it!”

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ASD in the USA

Ron Fortuna spent time in the US finding out how American teachers cope with autism spectrum disorders in the classroom

Ron Fortuna

The UK's Teachers Magazine featured ASD in the USA Participating in the teaching of Superflex, the author writes, "This was an incredibly fun, visual and accessible way of teaching flexible thinking – not only for the children with ASD, but their classmates too..."
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Michelle and Superflex Featured on KATU-TV

Superflex "Making a Difference" in Portland

The Superflex superhero curriculum, Michelle and our Portland workshops were featured on KATU-TV in Portland. On the Superflex comic book and curriculum, the TV station said, "Autism specialists in Portland have used the comic book at several schools and they say it appears to be making a difference."
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