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Use you Superflexible Power to Defeat your HOLIDAY UNTHINKABLES!

Here are a couple of Holiday Unthinkables we've noticed around Social Town, but we know there are more lurking out there! Gift Miffed-asaurus is a gift gobbling dinosaur who makes you get really upset about a gift when it's not exactly what you wanted. Then there's Party Pooper Pat, a balloon who either pops (when you get stressed out and mad) or deflates (you avoid and shut down) at holiday parties, etc.

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Michelle Receives the Lifetime Achievement Award

The Prentice School, February 24th, 2012

Michelle received the Lifetime Achievement Award from the Prentice School on the 24th of February. Carol Clark, the administrative executive director of Prentice School, presented the award to Michelle at the Social Thinking conference hosted by the Prentice School in Santa Ana, CA, for her innovative contributions to parents, professionals and individuals with social and communication challenges. The Prentice School is an independent, nonprofit school for students who struggle with reading, writing, spelling, oral language, and math.

Upon humbly receiving the award, Michelle jokingly stated that while the award makes her sound brilliant within her field, during her years in school she was an average student who planned on always being a speech-language pathologist.  Even through her years working in the school systems as an SLP she stated, “the principle never knew what to do with me, so she just let me work with my students as I pleased. I was able to re-organize their class schedules so that they all were able to come to their speech class with me.” Her goal was simply to give her students the best possible education both from a social and a scholastic standpoint. It was during these years that she spent as an SLP in the school that she started the development of a social communication curriculum, which in time grew into Social Thinking. Michelle had never planned on Social Thinking becoming what it is today: a curriculum used around the world with all ages, abilities and cultures.

Here is a picture of Michelle Garcia Winner (right) and Carol Clark with her Lifetime Achievement Award. Photo courtesy of Bird Studios.


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Book Reviews: Social Thinking at Work "a game changer"

Social Thinking at Work, Why Should I Care? Receives Excellent Reviews!

"`Social Thinking at Work: Why Should I Care,' by Michelle Garcia Winner and Pamela Crooke is a game changer. This book provides practical advice to every adult whether you are on the Autism Spectrum, Neurotypical (NT), or somewhere in between on how to navigate the social intricacies involved with the workplace. I have long held the opinion that the ability to socialize and get along with people is as important to creating a successful career as being good at your job. Thus, success very often requires a combination of academic intelligence and social intelligence. Social Thinking at Work creates a roadmap for those individuals with weaknesses in social intelligence to `better understand the expectations of the social mind'... I highly recommend this book to anyone that has ever experienced social challenges at work but especially for those adults on the autism spectrum or with known social weaknesses."

From Special Education Advisor, by Dennise Goldberg Read more

"Social Thinking at Work: Why Should I Care? is helpful to all adults in the workplace who wish they could blend in and have a better relationship with the others they meet or work with every day. You will benefit greatly from this book if:

  • You are unable to pick up facial or verbal cues.
  • You miss subtle behaviours used to convey emotions.
  • You struggle to recognize people’s feelings.
  • You have problems entering or exiting a group.
  • In a group you do not know what to do if you are not talking.
  • You do not know how to interpret sarcasm or read between the lines.
  • You can’t get people to listen to your ideas.

Social Thinking at Work: Why Should I Care? is also for parents, educators and service providers to teach the Social Thinking required for the development of real social skills. If your are an employer or work in the Human Relations department for a company, this book will help you understand human behavior and help you be more aware of the different  feelings and needs of some of your employees."

©2012 Social Thinking Publishing - Michelle Garcia Winner  www.socialthinking.com

From Special Needs Book Review - Read more

"Michelle's books... are extremely practical and full of positive solutions" - Stephen Borgman, Psychology Today

"Needing help to understand social interaction in the workplace?   Michelle Winner and Pamela Crooke are the ones to show you the ropes. This user-friendly guide to understanding social thinking on the job is a much-needed guide which simply and clearly outlines why brilliant workers might not be succeeding socially.  If you are puzzled about why your work is of exceptional quality, but you are still not accepted by your co-workers, this guide is for you!" - Donna B. Wexler, MA, CCC-SLP

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