Guidelines for Sharing or Translating Articles from the Social Thinking Website

Social Thinking Publishing offers a variety of free articles on our website,, written by Michelle Garcia Winner and other members of our team. We encourage you to read and share these articles with family and friends, educators, service providers or other members of a child’s team.

We hope the following Q&A answers any questions you may have. Otherwise, feel free to contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and we’ll try to help you.

-  The Social Thinking Team


Is it OK to download and share via email or in a printed form, any of the articles found on the Social Thinking website?

Yes, provided the article is being shared free of charge!

Can we post your articles on our own website or print them in our group’s newsletter?

Yes, provided:

  1. The article is being shared free of charge
  2. It is posted/shared in its entirety
  3. You include a direct link back to the Social Thinking website
  4. In your article promo description (if you provide one), you give proper attribution to Michelle Garcia Winner and Social Thinking. (Find more detailed information at our website about our trademark and citing proper attribution, along with some of the do’s and don’ts of using the term “Social Thinking.”)

Can we change, modify, or create an adaptation of an article available on your website?

No, that is not permitted. When sharing any of our articles, you must use the article in full, as presented on the website. Changes or adaptations must be approved in writing by us.

Is it OK to excerpt from an article?

Yes, provided you don’t alter the text as written, you include a citation and proper attribution to Michelle Garcia Winner (or the author), and include the Social Thinking website address.

We work with a lot of non-English speaking families. Can we translate your articles and distribute them that way?

Yes, we’re happy to extend permission to others to translate and share the free articles on our website, under these conditions:

  1. The content of the article is not changed, edited, or adapted in any way, except as is needed for clarity in the translation. The title is not changed and the author byline is included.
  2. At the beginning or end of the translation, the following permission line is included: “Translated by [insert translator or group’s name] and shared with permission of Social Thinking Publishing,”
  3. The article is distributed free of charge.
  4. You send us a copy of the translated article, in MS Word or a PDF format, so we can post the article to the international section of our website.