San Jose Clinics

San Jose Clinic Phone: 408-244-2005
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The Social Thinking Clinics provide clinical services for school-age students and adults as well as training for professionals to learn treatment methods to use in their settings through internship and mentor programs.

Social Thinking Santana Row and Social Thinking Stevens Creek are two sister clinics operating under one administrative services department. The mini-social thinking clinic (providing services to approximately 50 clients), is referred to as Social Thinking Santana Row (STSR) and the larger social thinking clinic, (which provides services to 250+ clients) is referred to as Social Thinking Stevens Creek (STSC). Each clinic runs as an independent for-profit business, so payments will be made directly to the specific clinic where the client attends.

Our hope is that this blend will help minimize confusion about Social Thinking services in the Silicon Valley area. Families need only fill out one application for both clinics. The website and phone number are centralized. Parents or adult clients will sign paperwork for services at either clinic and parking is plentiful at both locations. If a client needs to change his/her clinical group, it will be easier to consider an opening at either clinic, etc. 

Michelle Garcia Winner and her team at the STSR will provide ongoing training to STSC to assure quality services at both locations.

Social Thinking Stevens Creek (STSC)

Social Thinking Stevens Creek
3550 Stevens Creek Blvd. Suite 200
San Jose, CA 95117

Social Thinking Santana Row (STSR)

Social Thinking Santana Row
3031 Tisch Way, #800
San Jose, CA 95128