Social Thinking Programs for Professionals

Michelle Garcia Winner and her clinical staff have trained professionals from all over the world at her San Jose, CA-based Social Thinking Center. Teachers, speech-language pathologists, therapists, autism specialists, psychologists and social workers are just a few of the professionals that have completed Social Thinking Clinical Training Program and are addressing the treatment and educational needs of individuals with a broad range of social and communication challenges in their communities. See the Social Thinking Clinical Training Program Directory on the left for trainees in your region.

One Level of Social Thinking Professional Training

  1. Level 1A

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Social Thinking Providers Conferences

Every summer in the San Francisco Bay Area, professionals from around the country, and the world, take part in an annual event of collaboration on Social Thinking programs related to the teaching and treatment of individuals with Asperger's, ADHD, noverbal learning disorders and similar diagnosed and undiagnosed social and communication challenges. Please take a look at the Providers Conference page for details.  We will also offer Providers Conferences in other regions at a different time of year. Please check back soon or subscribe to our newsletter to get updates.

Social Thinking Conferences

Michelle Garcia Winner also hosts and presents broader Social Thinking conferences. The workshops Michelle hosts and presents herself are open to all and offer early and group discounts.

Social Thinking Books

We are continually publishing new titles on the Social Thinking treatment approach. For many professionals, these books provide their first introduction to as well as their ongoing reference for teaching Social Thinking. Core curriculum books such as Thinking About YOU Thinking About ME and Think Social! provide a basis for working with and innovating upon Social Thinking concepts for individual students and settings.

The Growing Social Thinking Community

We are striving to meet the demand for services for the growing number of professionals working with social thinking methodologies. As this community of dedicated individuals around the country (and world) expands, we are always working to find ways:

  • To offer more thorough training in methods to teach this information across a variety of settings
  • To encourage the sharing of information - from grassroots and traditional channels, to new technology offerings
  • To provide to a wider public information about the professionals in their communities who have been instructed in Social Thinking

Thanks for your interest... and thanks to all of you who are learning Social Thinking concepts and putting them into action in your communities! Please sign up for our Social Thinking newsletter to be among the first to know when we have new information on our programs for professionals.