"[Winner's] ideas are rapidly gaining currency... Crucially, Social Thinking is used not just to help children on the autistic spectrum, but also who have not been diagnosed with any problem but who, without guidance, may never learn the rules of friendship..."

- The Independent, London, UK, February 15, 2011

There is no better indicator of the relevance of Social Thinking® than its embrace in countries around the world. Social Thinking operates below the level of culture, allowing an almost borderless application of its concepts. Michelle Garcia Winner, the founder of Social Thinking, now travels the globe working with groups that are creating approaches for their communities - and we are expanding our translated offerings to meet these needs. On the left menu, you will see our current translations of Michelle's writings.

Please note: for the translated articles on our website, dedicated individuals have volunteered to translate the works. We apologize in advance if you do not agree with how text is translated, but we wanted to get this information available easily to those who might benefit from it!

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International Recognition of Social Thinking

The largest newspaper in the UK, the Mirror, featured Michelle, as did the London Independent, in articles on the difficulty students experience developing friendships. In addition, the UK's Teachers Magazine featured Social Thinking in the article, "ASD in the USA." Participating in the teaching of Superflex, the author writes, "This was an incredibly fun, visual and accessible way of teaching flexible thinking – not only for the children with ASD, but their classmates too..."

In Michelle’s blog you can read the introduction to her booklet that is now translated into Chinese for educators and parents in Hong Kong. The booklet summarizes the basic concepts of social thinking and the introduction shows how these concepts span cultures. Social Thinking therapy methods have become part of the curriculum for students in Hong Kong. You can view a TV news story from TVB World News on August 18, 2009 [in English, and a Hong Kong News story from August 19, 2009 (Chinese/English].


Soziales Lernen und Soziales Handeln Cascade of Social Functioning

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