Recent Participant Comments for Social Thinking Workshops

"The most intelligent, humane understanding of socially challenged people I've ever had occasion to hear," parent

"Every general education teacher who is privileged to include students on the spectrum in their classroom would benefit from this workshop," Kindergarten teacher

"These truths are simply great parenting strategies to use with all kids!"

"Chomping at the bit to take it back to the school district," OTD, OTR

"Great source of valuable, practical information," MFT

"Wish I would have learned all this earlier for my child," parent

"I can take everything I've learned here and put to use in therapy," SLP


More Comments

  • "This was an outstanding presentation and new ideas."
  •  I've come away with new information as well as therapy ideas I can implement tomorrow.... Objectives met very well! Very functional, useful, purposeful information!"
  • "Wonderful presenter. Kept my interest for 2 full days!"

  • "Excellent handouts and books! Great job giving me more vocabulary to advocate for these students."

  • "Great conference! I've learned a lot of useful information that I will be taking back to my therapy room!"

  • "One of the most useful, enjoyable in-services I have attended."

  • "Very pertinent information."

  • "Used examples, videos to make points!"

  • "Thank you for including out of district people!"

  • "I have several kids on caseload for whom this applies. I can take ideas home to use today!"

  • "The presentation was balanced with a variety of strategies."

  • "Great speaker! Good ideas for assessment and teaching how to think with your eyes."

  • "I went away with a far greater understanding of `autism spectrum' and how to begin to work with them, and help others to realize the adverse impact on educational performance. The videos and handouts were excellent and well organized and matched the presentation."

  • "This is one of the best 2 day in-services I've ever attended."

  • "Great presentation. Wonderful speaker. She was wonderful to listen to. The videos were a great prop and helped make the visual to auditory link."

  • "It gives exact things to do to analyze what to do to work with kids with ASD in the social-cognitive area."

  • "...Actual case studies were an added bonus - they made it more real! Outstanding job!"