About Social Thinking Conferences

Social Thinking conferences are designed for professionals and parents alike who are working with individuals experiencing social communication challenges. The Social Thinking Providers Conferences are designed for professionals -- or at least for people who have used Social Thinking methods -- and are not offered through our speakers' collaborative. New advanced day conference days, however, are offered for practitioners using core strategies of the ST framework. More information will be posted soon on those -- and our new preschool day!

The concepts related to social thinking provide a practical, common-sense way in which we can all start to observe and experience the social thoughts and related social interactions. We cannot begin to teach something we don't know how to describe ourselves. While the end-goal is to develop better methods and strategies for teaching students with social learning challenges to make better social decisions and participate with more success in social interactions, clearly we all need to understand the concepts of thinking socially. Just as a teacher can't teach math if they don't understand the math concepts they are teaching, we can't teach students to understand the social mind if we have not thought about how the social mind really works! Merely participating in social interactions successfully is not the same as understanding how to teach social thinking.

Most of our teachings are focused on persons with social learning challenges who are 8 years old or older (all the way through adulthood) and who have a near normal to way above normal verbal IQ, unless otherwise indicated on the conference course description.

Courses & Trainings for Groups

Social Thinking conferences feature courses praised by participants for being enlightening as well as practical. These same courses are offered to groups. It is a goal for each participant to leave the courses with a specific framework from which to observe their own and others social behavior, while also having a far deeper understanding of what our students need to learn and how to teach them.

The conference/course days blend scientifically based research, theories based on clinical practice, teaching strategies that have been battle tested, many clinical examples and a good dose of humor. We have to laugh at ourselves first! Social behavior when stripped down to its core is pretty odd. We tell people what they want to hear even if we don't believe it is true! How many times have you told someone they looked good when you didn't believe they really looked as good as you made it sound! (By the way, you look fabulous:)

Courses/Conference Days

New courses are being added to our conference and training offerings based on the unique talents of our presenters. These individuals have taught Social Thinking extensively and with true innovation. Some specialize in certain areas, such as preschool or adult, private programs versus school-based programs. Course/conference days include, but are not limited to those listed below. Find descriptions of each course by clicking on the title of each day.

Day A:

Social Thinking Across the Home and School Day: The ILAUGH Model of Social Thinking

Day B: Informal Dynamic Social Thinking Assessment and Core Treatment Strategies for Home and School

Day C:

Thinking About YOU Thinking About ME

Day D: Organized Thinking: Dealing with the Dreaded Homework Assignment and Everything Else a Student Wants to Postpone!

Day E:

Implementing Social Thinking® Concepts and Vocabulary into School and Home

Day F: Social Thinking and Transition Planning for the Adult World and Real Life

Day G:

Skills You Need to Learn to Help You Live as an Adult

Day H Playing with Social Thinking in Preschool, Zooming In Workshops
Day J: Zooming in on Practical Strategies for Teaching Concrete Learnings across the classroom, playground and home.
Day K: Zooming in Nuance Challenged Social Communicators across the classroom, playground and home.
Day L: Social Thinking Meets RTI and PBS
Day M: Superflex and Friends Take on Social Emotional Learning (SEL) and the Common Core Standards
Day N: Blurred Lines - Social Thinking & Hot Topics
Day P: What's Play Got to Do with Classroom Learning?  Exploring Social Executive Functioning and Social Emotional Learning for 4-7 year olds


Book a Speaker

Most courses, trainings and conference days are booked by groups for one of the therapists in the Social Thinking Training & Speakers Collaborative. These groups organize and administrate their own events to meet community and participant needs while we provide the content discussed during the course. Please look at the All Events schedule to see if one of our speakers will be in your community in the coming year and, if open to the public, whom to contact if you are interested in attending one.

If you are interested in hiring one of our speakers to come to your community, click the button!



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