A Message from Michelle

Since coining the term "social thinking" in the mid-1990s and the subsequent development of the Social Thinking framework, vocabulary, and related treatment strategies, it's been exciting to witness an ever-expanding interest in Social Thinking. Our community is creative, motivated, and dedicated. Talented professionals and forward-thinking schools are developing programs that incorporate Social Thinking and making giant leaps in their ability to help kids and adults with social learning challenges. As a result, the framework has gained a strong reputation across the U.S. and now around the world.

As the interest level has risen, so have requests for me to speak - our office fields hundreds of such requests each year from around the world. While it is thrilling to see this level of interest, it is impossible for one person to fulfill them all. In addition to being an active presenter, I also maintain a regular case load of clients and reserve time during the year to develop new ideas and write materials our community is eager to read!

My speaking schedule is almost completely booked this year and into the coming years. However, we do have other speakers who can present on different Social Thinking topics. My collaborator, co-author and colleague, Dr. Pamela Crooke, is also an excellent speaker and trainer. To meet the growing need for individuals who can intelligently (and with humor) present on Social Thinking, we are introducing our Social Thinking Training & Speakers' Collaborative, a consortium of eleven other strong speakers and clinicians, personally selected and trained by myself and Pam, who can present to your group.

Social Thinking continues to evolve as we work with our clients and gain an even deeper appreciation for the challenges they face, and how we can break down social concepts in a way that makes learning fun, approachable, and successful. It is our hope that the adults who attend our workshops learn as much about themselves and their own social communicative system to help them, in turn, personalize the lessons they are developing for our students. I hope you will take advantage of the vast array of talents among our Collaborative members. Any one of them can provide your group with the most current information on Social Thinking and our treatment framework, and you can rest assured that each one of them will uphold the standards of excellence you have come to expect from our company.

Warmest regards,